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Heirs of Power (The Constellation Saga #1)
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Shout It Out! Self- Promotions > Heirs of Power is only 99c/99p for one week! YA fantasy novel.

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Kay | 414 comments Heirs of Power is just 99c/99p on Kindle until the 4th of September!

After stumbling upon an otherworldly ritual, Kitty Fairlow discovers that her own incredible hunting skills are not merely due to a lifetime of training. She’s been gifted powers from an ancient spirit, passed down by her father. She is a Constellation.
And she's not the only one.
A new generation of heroes have each inherited unique abilities to prevent the corruption of their world by the Tenebri, a race that thrives on life energy. Kitty, along with a high-born dancer and a snarky juggler, must find their allies before the Tenebri army picks them off.
With the powerful enemy emerging, can the Constellations gather in time to put an end to the threat for good, or will their foe succeed and wreak the same destruction they have unleashed on their own world?

Get Heirs of Power from-
Amazon US
Amazon UK

If you guys are fantasy fans or have friends that are I'd really appreciate you spreading the word or grabbing a copy yourselves. Thank you so much!

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Anna Faversham (annafaversham) | 1184 comments Good luck, Kay!

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Kay | 414 comments Anna Faversham wrote: "Good luck, Kay!"
Thank you, Anna!

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