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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments This is for characters and information that is involved with this roleplay

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments x [name: Priscilla Laree Asagiri ;meaning: ;nickname: Pris] x

x [age 18 ;dob: November 5 ;zodiac: Scorpio] x

x [gender: Female ;sexuality: Straight (mostly)] x

x [appearance;human or cyborg] x

x [personality] x

x [history] x


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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments NOTES:

thought that she could just be a girl that has a hardsuit that was suppose to be for someone else but she ended up wearing it. She certainly wouldn't be an expert at it. Also there's that battery pack issue. Other than that, one girls with a bad attitude and a grudge coming up.

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