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Joseph | 1 comments The scope of this book is overwhelming. It is a comprehensive guide to personal development. It goes beyond Hardwiring Happiness to show you more specifically how to apply the principles of positive neuroplasticity to different aspects of personal development.

If I had to choose one outstanding aspect of the book, it would be how it teaches you to grow beyond victimhood and martyrdom. In psychotherapy and ACA circles, which I have been a part of for many years, there is a proclivity to focus on and enable a victimhood mindset.

I am a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Over the years I have emphasized to my patients that awareness of self and awareness of others are vital skills. So many problems and limitations are related to not being aware and simply living on automatic pilot. Thank you Dr.Chirag What A Comeback! The Laws That Change the Way we Think -----"The Stories That Reveal the Science of Resilence by Dr.Chirag Jain

Olivia | 3 comments I loved the book too. He has explained neuroscience in a simple way and one can relate to these laws very easily. Joseph thanks for posting this.A must read for 2018

Isabella Rhonie | 2 comments Why read this book:
None of us is having a perfect brain. We or people we love may be struggling with brain handicaps without being aware of it - and which can be easily addressed provided they are identified!
We may attribute many of our weaknesses to lack of interest, effort, potential, etc. We are good at finding some reason, answer to the observed phenomenon. We accept easy explanations... for example if a student is poor at maths... The usual explanation is: he doesn't put in enough effort/ he doesn't like math/ he doesn't have the potential for math, etc.
What A Comeback!

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