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This dormitory is for Jason Adam Knight (( Bennett )) and Colt Fullerton (( Laurel Wreath )). Jason is studying Sports and Colt is studying Biology.

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Bennett | 763 comments **Jason's Side**

On top of his dresser their was a photo of him, and his brothers all in football gear, football trophies, and hair grease
His bookcase had a bunch of football and rugby playbooks, sports fiction, school textbooks, protein powder, . The bed had sheets and pillow cases designed for athletes to recover in their sleep and his blanket was made to look like a football field. The wall in front of the bed had NFL posters of his father, uncle, and older brother Macon. On the coat rack next to the desk is where he hangs up his letterman jacket. The closet was divided into three sections for the three sports he plays: football, rugby, and track.

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