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Please help me find my book ♡♡♡

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Joanne Parker Higgs-Bourne Hi i joined amazon kindle a qhile back and read a book but i dont remember what its called. This is the story of it. A woman and her friend worked for the mafia(bratva). They stole things. Then she found out she was pregnant and didnt want that life for her child. She ran away with her friend and left her flame behind. He vowed he would find her. She went to work in a spa/hotel in a mountain. Her daughter is about 5 years old now. Her old flame turned up because he was opening an art gallery with his friend. It turns out is wasnt a coincidence. She rekindled with him but was weary. Then her daughter got kidnapped from her nursery but one of the men working for bratva. They work as a team to get their daughter back. Pleaseee help me xxx

Leah Try googling books about kidnapping and it helps if you remember some of the characters names

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Joanne Parker Higgs-Bourne Xx

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