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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Looking for a specific romance novel from amazon kindle about a girl auctioning off her virginity. [s]

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message 1: by Eva Tate (new)

Eva Tate | 2 comments I can’t remember the title or author but I’m looking for a romance book I read recently.

I believe it’s apart of a series, possibly the second one. A young girl, around 19, goes to a bar with her friend and her friend dares her to kiss a guy. The guy she kisses is about 10-12 years older and possibly his name starts with an A. She ends up auctioning her virginity off in an attempt to get this man’s attention. The club owner who helps her sort the auction has a name starting with V and at the end of the book he gets married to her friend. It’s been driving me mad trying to find this book!

Thank you in advance.

message 3: by Eva Tate (new)

Eva Tate | 2 comments That’s the one! Thank you!

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