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Phoenix~They/Them Maya jogged into the room, her demonic featured hidden. "Sorry I'm late." She bowed.

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Maica walked in silently, her hood still hiding her face. "It's fine girls. You can sit in one of the empty seats, Maya and Maica correct?" Yukio said. Maica wasn't really paying attention, for she was looking at Rin and the dog on his desk. The dog smiled at her and she knew it was Mephisto. So that must be one of them. She thought to herself as she stared at Rin.

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Phoenix~They/Them Maya bowed once more, Lisa, Haruka, and Roxy ran in, late as well.

"I was at the library Mr. Okumura." Lisa said as she sat down.
Maya took an empty seat next to Rin with her notes out. "Yes, I'm Maya Rose sir." She said.

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"It's fine." Yukio said. Maica was still looking at Rin, lost in her thoughts. "Oooh the new girls staring at Rin!" one teased, the pink haired boy. "Ew." Maica hissed as she sat next to Maya. She stared at the small dog-Mephisto, as her mind filled with unanswered questions. "Ok. Class, today we will be attempting to summon a Familiar." Yukio said.

Phoenix~They/Them Haruka listened quietly.

Maya looked at the pink haired boy dead in the eyes as a way to tell him to grow up....or else.

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Maica looked up at Yukio as if he just told her to do a somersault off a 3 story building. She sighed and looked back at Rin and the dog-Mephisto, who were both looking at her. She waved to them before putting her head on the desk. The pink haired boy (Shima) noticed Maya glaring at him and gave her a nervous smile, taking mental notes not to do that again. "Maya... I don't want to summon anything. What if my summon is like a... i don't know, a hamster?" Maica whined.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya placed a hand over Maica's shoulder, "You'll do fine Maica." She said with a grin "I'm sure of it." She gave Maica a thumbs up. "I'm not really planning on summoning honestly." She smiled, "Besides, I've learned of all the Meister possibilities and I wanna be a knight." She said with a large smile on her face.

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"Really? Sounds cool. I can't pick one, so i'll end up studying them all." Maica said. "Please step up to the front of the class everyone." Yukio said and Maica and Yukino stood up. (As well as Rin and those other original characters.)

Phoenix~They/Them ((Rin and Yukio started class at 15))

Maya followed suit along with Haruka, Roxy, and Lisa.

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((Oh shoot. I have to change Maica's age then... I totally thought they were like... 16))

"Ok. Now I want you to try to summon a familiar." Yukio said. Maica watched as Rin failed miserably. She was starting to get nervous watching the others fail to summon something. The only other ones she saw summon anything was Kamiki, Shiemi and some other girl, Yukino, who had summoned a white Sidhe. What were the chances of her even doing this right?

Phoenix~They/Them Haruka closed her eyes and managed to summon a two headed snake while her sister failed. Maya failed at summoning something and so did Lisa.

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Maica bit her thumb, and put the blood on the magic circle. "Dear gods of wisdom and courage, bring my inner potential to life." She recited the first words that came to her mind. She managed to summon something. An Icy colored wolf appeared in front of her. "You dare to summon me, Human?" The wolf said, weirdly in human, sounding all cocky. "Yeah. I did. Have a problem with that, Familiar?" she hissed and it shut up.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya chuckled.

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Maica looked at Mephisto, but he was gone. She sighed and someone walked up to her, Suguro. "Why do you wear that hoodie?" He asked, but she simply ignored him and looked at Maya. "Hey. Maya. can we speak after class?" She asked. "Um... Yukio, can you and Rin come too?" She asked Yukio and he nodded.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya nodded "Alright." She said.

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"Speaking of the end of class... Isn't it about that time?" Maica asked. "Yeah. You all may leave now-- Except you Rin." Yukio said.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya nodded as she, Haruka, Roxy, and Lisa left the classroom.

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Yuki and Everyone else left. "So.. Maya.. I've been pondering, and I'd like to ask you... are you one of Satan's children?" Maica asked Maya. and Yukio and RIn just looked at them with confusion.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya turned around, having almost been out the door. "Uh........" Was all the half-demon could say before she scratched her head and shrugged..."Um....." She didn't know what to say, nor did she want to let them know so soon, what if they hated her for it.

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"Don't worry. These two are the sons of Satan.. And.. I'm one of his children as well." She said, letting a small blue flame to consume the pencil she was holding.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya stayed silent, then she nodded, "Yeah, I am." She said with a sigh.

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Rin just stared at them blankly. "So... we're siblings?" Rin asked. "Took you that long to catch up? Yes we are. And there's still one more here at this school. Sadly, I don't know anything about this one. Mephisto only gave me information on you guys." Maica said sitting on a desk, taking off her hoodie. She looked at Maya and smiled. "Well.. We can hold off finding the other one. Right now I'm just so happy to find out I have a sister. I always wanted one of those." Maica said happily.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya smiled a bit, "Actually...half sister, I was born to a different mother as an only child before I was taken in by the elder of my village." She shrugged.

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"Still. It's nice to know i have some sort of family. Humans just really didn't like me for some reason." Maica said happily. "Dayum... I knew i'd look hot as a girl." Rin muttered to himself. "Don't forget I'm your triplet. Comments like that will only earn something being thrown at you." She said as she jumped down from the desk. "Should we leave?" She asked Maya.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya rolled her eyes at Rin, "I'm hungry, I'm going to get some food." She said as she stretched. She looked at Maica, "Come with me." She said.

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"Yay! Food!" Maica said excitedly. She left the room and sticked her tongue out at Rin, which seemed to annoy him. "Bye Boys~" She hummed.

Phoenix~They/Them Maya followed Maica.

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((To the cafeteria?))

Phoenix~They/Them ((yep))

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 30 comments Xander walked into class and waited at his desk for students. "Slow day today i guess." His demonic features were clearly visible. {tail and a few wisps of blue flame}

Phoenix~They/Them ((Why would he make his demon form visible.))

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 30 comments (He doesn't care since the staff knows.)

Phoenix~They/Them ((Dude, he's Satan's son, he's asking for a death wish))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Especially since my two characters hate Satan))

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 30 comments (He has several siblings here. Not to mention teachers/Exorcists have more combat experience.)

Phoenix~They/Them ((Haruka: I am not being taught by him))

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 30 comments (XD)

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 30 comments (If Haruka hates a demonic teacher. Then mephisto is screwed.)

Phoenix~They/Them ((She doesn't know Mephisto is a demon, he hides it well))

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 30 comments ( I see the point, let's just say when class is in session, Xander hides his demonic features.)

Phoenix~They/Them ((Yep :D))

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Xander Mizuki (xandermizuki) | 30 comments (Let's rp plz.)

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