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Hi Grace,
Would you be available in October to read an historical mystery of about 90K words?
Thanks for your consideration!
Have a nice day!

message 2: by Hiawatha (new)

Hiawatha Bray | 2 comments I'm eager to get your reaction to my first novel. It's 105,000 words, and the title is "The Deacon's Code."

Henry Kenton, a borderline sociopath, is an unlikely man of faith. Yet he is an ordained deacon in a large African-American church, bound by duty to care for others.

And learning to care could cost him his life.

When Astrid Nelson, a beautiful, brilliant computer scientist, is nearly murdered inside the church, Kenton is drawn into the biggest story of his career, and the bloodiest.

Kenton falls afoul of a renowned MIT professor as heartless as Kenton himself, but far more ruthless. He uncovers an international band of hackers plotting the worst financial crime in history, and confronts a brutal team of enforcers, experts in the dark arts of torture and murder.

And Kenton discovers the most remarkable conspiracy of all--a secret society of powerful black men, hidden in the heart of the church, who have quietly tampered with history for nearly 150 years.

Care to take a look?

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