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Least Likely to Fall in Love
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. High school principal falls in love with the guy who bullied her. [s]

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Mira Elena | 8 comments It is a contemporary romance about a woman who was bullied in high school and now she is the principal of that school. She will meet the guy who bullied her because his daughter is being bullied by two boys. He is a single parent and he is trying to raise his daughter the best he can.

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Shelia Williams | 766 comments Hope you find it.

Mira Elena | 8 comments thanks

Mira Elena | 8 comments I remember another scene from this book: the two boys who bullied the daughter had to paint some garbage cans on the weekend as punishment and they were helped by their parents and the heroine.

Mira Elena | 8 comments Yesssss. That is the one. Thank you so much.

Mira Elena | 8 comments SOLVED

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