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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments This is for characters and information that is involved with this roleplay.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 1112 comments Name: Pris Laree Asagiri

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Human


Pris stands at the same height as her mother at 5 feet 8 inches (170cm), with light tanned skin, deep mahogany eyes and spiked Auburn hair. When she cares about her appearance she dressed appropriated for most things, like singing on stage. While most of the time she could be found wearing her riding gear or her Hardsuit gear. She doesn’t care much about what others think of her.

Personality: Pris Laree had always been kind and fun loving. She was even close to people. But that changed when she lost her mother and most of the people she cared about. That all changed. She became a darker form of herself. She became distant, private cynical. She tends to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself. Unless she’s angry causing her to unload with a passionate temper that’s cold and stoic. She often prefers to be alone which she can take seriously causing her to give people the brush-off or ignore them entirely. To many she is viewed as unemotional and unwilling to speak or answer questions and will turn moody it pushed. She is the darker side of a Scorpio in human form. A known as a passionate thrill seeker that lives for danger. Her tough icy exterior hides intelligence, hacking skills and combat knowledge.

Abilities: Pris has a mind link with the other three members of her team because of the events involving Galatea and their mothers. They can speak or send information to each other at any range but is limited to bursts from dimensional distortion.

Weapon of choice(if any): Hardsuit:
Including the motorslave: (This is also changes into her motorcycle called the Highwaystar: (Sorry the picture is black and white but the bike is actually red)
She also has a small particle beam handgun that comes apart in two pieces.

Bio: Pris Laree grew up with her mother who was now a famous wealthy singer. It was peaceful life that her mother had always wanted even with her mother being a thrill seeker. Then in the front of millions this peace was shattered by on shoot. Pris Laree lost her mother and it drove her down the same path that her mother once followed. But she wasn’t the only one that was to suffer this same loss. Her closest friends soon lost their own mothers to death. In the search for answers they discovered the secrets that had been hidden from them. After the discover of the hardsuits and the story of the battle with Galatea they learned more about the mind link that connected them together. As time passed they learned about the suits and how to design their own. In the meantime, things got worse. The production of Boomers started once more, and a new evil rose up to replace the old, killing anyone that opposed it. The four had many battles with the Hardsuits they had mastered and designed until on fateful night where she was the only one left standing. The rest of the team were nearly killed but Pris risked herself to save them. Now as they lay in a joint coma in the hospital Pris hunts to take down the one responsible. In her quest of revenge, she is ambushed in the old part of town. In an attempt to get out of the deadly situation she uses the new teleport technology of her suit to return to their base with out knowing it was damage. It malfunctioned, taking her to another place. Taking it with a grain of salt she began a new life. She found a place to reside and to keep the hardsuit out of sight. Got a job and started a band, Sekiria, in honor of her mother. When she’s not singing or doing something else, she’s in her hardsuit to find the answers that are need so she can return to her friends/family.

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