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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA i think. Set in a college dorm that is co-ed. Girl meets a boy in the boys bathroom. [s]

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Leanne  (leanne77) | 61 comments The Girl goes to use the bathroom and i can't remember why she doesn't use the girls bathroom on her floor but she does downstairs to the boys floor. She hears noises in the bathroom and realises a boy is touching himself. She gets turned on. The end up sleeping together i think. She also has sexual interactions with her roommate but the roommates boyfriend can't find out because he's very conservative or something. The whole book is filled with parties and stuff that the college has. I remember it being pretty funny and it must have only been last year i read it.

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Leanne ~~
You can bump your thread every month or so. This brings your thread back to the top of the Unsolved Folder, where new eyes can see it.
Good luck!

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This sounds like NA, not YA.

Leanne  (leanne77) | 61 comments Yess!!! Thank you!!!!

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