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message 1: by Amy (new)

Amy (puzumaki) | 45 comments This video scared the socks off me because I'd started letting my little one watch these odd videos of towns being built that was really engaging, so I could cook dinner. But it would go on and on... so, now I'm more aware and need a better plan, like legos at the kitchen counter if that needs to happen.

The big takeaway is algorithms are running amok and our children are being brainwashed with dopamine hits. Stay away from Youtube, and any other algorithmic driven system. Yikes!!

PS Not very far in the book yet, ebooks just don't work for me! Going to get a physical copy soon.

message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric | 36 comments Oh boy, I don't know if I understand how to cook dinner without a television :) and we have a German app that plays his shows (also in a loop which is still a problem) but works much better than YT from the standpoint of keeping the content somewhat educational.

I really worry about this and there was an article in the NYT that parent should read. It isn't going to surprise you Amy but clearly the takeaway is that even more than the algorithm, it is the screen and device itself. I shouldn't have commented without watching the Ted Talk. I'll check it out tonight.

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