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message 1: by Mhiliseala (new)

Mhiliseala | 2 comments Hello!

For years I've been looking for some books which might be part of a series, I don't remember. Each book includes a young protagonist with the blood of a certain color and he or she is related to UFOs or something. This person lives in a town where he suffers threats from these UFOs (I think) and has to seek help from other kids who are going though the same situation.

That's all I can remember. Any help is appreciated! I really want to read these books again. Thank you. <3

message 2: by Bobby (new)

Bobby | 869 comments This may be a long shot, but I was looking for something kind of similar a while ago that I read as a kid. Is it the Mind Warp series by Chris Archer? The first book is Alien Terror, and the second is Alien Blood.

message 3: by Mhiliseala (new)

Mhiliseala | 2 comments Yes! I just looked your suggestion up on Google and my inner child exclaimed "We found them!" Haha. Thank you so much. Gonna try to buy them somewhere or at least get a PDF.

message 4: by Bobby (new)

Bobby | 869 comments I'm glad I could help. I found it from asking on Reddit, so I'm happy to pay it forward. It looks like they are on Kindle Unlimited if you have that.

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