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why letters?

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Jordan Why would Chbosky choose to use letters as the format of the novel? would affect does this have on the book?

Kara R I think the letters are something that Charlie was told to write by his therapist. Throughout the whole novel you come to understand what Charlie is going through. I think Chbosky was trying to make it meaningful and for the reader to understand what exactly Charlie is experiencing. Sure, I would have loved for it to be in Charlie's point of view. Maybe I would have understood more about what he was thinking and feeling but I think Chbosky made a good decision. This book will always be one of my favorites.

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Arttu Hakala I think the book really emphasizes the way Charlie himself sees the things happening to him in the story. He isn't just the point of view character but also the literal narrator, he tells the story the way he sees and experiences it. In my opinion one of the best things about the book is Charlie's unique voice and his way of processing things that happen around him and I think the letter format was an excellent choice to illustrate those things.

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