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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy book released recently (2017-2018), story of a mother who has three days to find a name [s]

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Sarvenaz (sarvenaz_ale) Hi! All I know about this book is that it was released recently (in the last year or so), the author is a woman and her husband is also a published author.

I'm not sure if the following plot details count as spoilers but you have been warned! Possible spoilers ahead!

The book is about a mother who has three days to find a name to save her child's life. Unfortunately, this is all I know. I know it's not much, but any help would be amazing.
I'm sorry if I did anything wrong, I read all of the rules but it's my first time posting here ;)

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Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5232 comments Did she have to find the right name for her baby, or find someone who could help the baby? Do you remember the danger? It sounds like a retelling of Rumplestiltskin.
Was it for teens or adults? When was it set? Was it in a fantasy world or our world? Sorry for all the questions, but this info helps in the search.

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Sarvenaz (sarvenaz_ale) You're right! It was a retelling of Rumplestiltskin! I searched for retellings, which brought up "Spinning Silver" by Naomi Novik.
Thanks so much for your help <3

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Sarvenaz (sarvenaz_ale) You can consider this thread solved!

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El | 502 comments Spinning Silver for the click. Glad you found your book!

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