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Last Virgin In California (Bachelor Battalion, #13)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance between daughter of a general or lieutenant (army or navy) and someone under his command. [s]

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Amber | 20 comments I remember reading a book a few years back about a girl who is the daughter of a general or captain or something and either she is tasked showing a new guy around base or a guy under her father's command is tasked to show her around. Her father doesn't approve of the romance but comes around in the end. I know at the very end of the book, she was taking a pregnancy test in the bathroom while he waited in their bed. The book mentions she was silhouetted in darkness because of the bathroom light so he couldn't tell her expression. She turns off the light and jumps on top of him. "The. (Kiss). Answer. (Kiss). Is. (Kiss). Yes! (Long kiss)." I know that is a quote from the book. I thought it was by Debbie Macomber and one of the navy books but I read the endings and none of them had that. Nor the right description.

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Amber | 20 comments bump

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Amber | 20 comments OMG YOU ARE MY HERO! I have been searching for years!!! Thank you!

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Juels | 2566 comments You're welcome.

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