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Dirty Royal (Dirty, #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Sheik get angry at the heroine for embarrassing him at a important dinner with dignitaries from his country and his father.. [s]

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Shelia Williams | 766 comments I'm looking for a book where the heroine is a normal girl and the hero is a sheik/sheikh. I only remember one major detail that happened. Here s what the details are:

The sheik is having his big dinner party for some important dignitary from his country and her heroine is being taught what to do and not to do. Later they are in the big ballroom where the dinner party is being held. The heroine is standing off to the side while everyone is mingling. The heroine is hungry because she didn't get time to eat with all the preparations and her teaching. So she grabs a plate to get food when she realizes that it all of a sudden quiet. She looks up to see everyone staring at her it is then she remembers that it is customary for the dignitary guest to get his food first so she apologizes and puts the plate down an walks away. The sheik is furious and embarrassed because of what she did a either take her out into the wall or followed her out and yells at her about how she embarrassed him (and i think says something about her but can't remember what). She get angry back and gives him a piece of her mind before walking away and he goes back in to his father and the dignitary who is talking about what happened an i think make so excuse or something about it. The doesn't like what his father says but i don't think he says anything. Later when it is all over he realizes that he treated her wrong when she was there for him or something and goes to apologize to her.

Sorry that is all i remember hope it sounds familiar to someone.

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Shelia Williams | 766 comments Book found.
Dirty Royal

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