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10.7 -Before Autocorrect

October 16 is Dictionary Day- a day that celebrates the birth of Noah Webster who published the first major American English dictionary.
Read a book with a word in the title or subtitle from this list of commonly misspelled words . The word must match exactly. The words are listed in post 2 of the Help Thread.
Required: State the word.

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accommodate, accommodation, achieve, across, aggressive, aggression, apparently, appearance, argument, assassination, basically, beginning, believe, bizarre, business, calendar, Caribbean, cemetery, chauffeur, colleague, coming, committee, completely, conscious, curiosity, definitely, dilemma, disappear, disappoint, ecstasy, embarrass, environment, existence, Fahrenheit, familiar, finally, fluorescent, foreign, foreseeable, forty, forward, friend, further, gist, glamorous, government, guard, happened, harass, harassment, honorary, humorous, idiosyncrasy, immediately, incidentally, independent, interrupt, irresistible, knowledge, liaise, liaison, lollipop, millennium, millennia, Neanderthal, necessary, noticeable, occasion, occurred, occurring, occurrence, pavilion, persistent, pharaoh, piece, politician, Portuguese, possession, preferred, preferring, propaganda, publicly, really, receive, referred, referring, religious, remember, resistance, sense, separate, siege, successful, supersede, surprise, tattoo, tendency, therefore, threshold, tomorrow, tongue, truly, unforeseen, unfortunately, until, weird, wherever, which

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