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Bamma | 5135 comments Name




Extra: style pets quirks ex

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nicholas Conte

Ara Amaro

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Okay you want to start??

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I taught Psychology at the local University, and lately I had been noticing something extremely worrying to me at least. One of my students works has been slowly declining as they semester progressed. Ara Amaro, and I had scheduled a student instructor meeting between us today after all classes were over.
I ran my hands thought my long hair pushing up my glasses as I rushed too Mr. Conte's class all my papers sticking haphazardly out of my binder. I was so late! My alarm didn't wake me up for the lecture! I had been up all night studying for a test. I burst in and saw the class empty except for a very disappointed Professor because this was the fourth class I missed this month.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

I’ve been teaching English literature for the past two years and I haven’t been dealing with that much trouble students. Each one of them have a reason to be in my class and as soon as I tightened the reigns most of them understand that this class there’s no slacking off.

But there’s this particular student that has been worrying me. She’s a little of a scatter brain and her work is average but she doesn’t show up. I only have five students today for this semester when I hear a commotion at the door. I put the chalk down and turn to see a mess of my student. Everyone already left after the pop quiz but of course she’s late.

“Nice of you to show Miss Nova.” I note going over to her and help pick up her stuff.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Nova
I felt a flush of shame and I was worn to a frazzle. "I am so sorry Mr. Conte." I apologized as I bent down trying to gather my papers. "I stayed up late to study last night and fell asleep at my desk and slept through my alarm." I started to bable as I gathered my papers putting them in neat order. My hair up in a bun instead of it's usual down state my glasses askew. I was for lack of a better word...a mess.
"I know there is no slacking off in your class, sir. But please I can't fail this class. I'll do any work you require to make up for it." I pleaded. My scholarship was at stake!

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

I help her as much as I could because I am her teacher but she was just so frazzled right now. I catch a couple of her papers that were falling off until we were finally standing. I’m not familiar with her. I try to keep a barrier between me and my students.

“Miss Nova I am not going to lie I’m really disappointed in your current performance. But it’s not because of your grades. Participation is something important for this class. Today there’s a quiz, I believe it’s time we have a meeting so we can come to a middle ground.” I tell her calmly.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Nova
I cringed on the inside as he said he was disappointed in me I fixed my my glasses. It wasn't because of my grades which made me a relax some. "A...a meeting?" I asked unsure. I rubbed the back of my neck slightly feeling a stress knot at the base of my skull. "When do you want to have a meeting?" I asked, okay I was calm calm calm calm I didn't have anxiety I wasn't pushing myself to hard.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Bedoop

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments okay i'm back home sorry went to the gym then i had a head ache it was horrible

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Bamma | 5135 comments Awww I'm sorry about your headache hon :(

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

I looked at her and all of a sudden she's like this little tight ball of nerves and stress and honestly i didn't want to start the meeting right this second. I let out a sigh, "Look it's not a meeting of you dropping the class, I just want to know what's going on with your life that is causing this performance." I tell her and when she asks me when i want the meeting

"You pick the date and time, but it is crucial to meet you as soon as possible." I tell her.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Nova
I relaxed instantly as he said it wasn't a meeting about me dropping the class. I blushed because I was so easy to read. I brought out my phone looking at my schedule. "Umm tomorrow at....four pm?" I questioned uncertainly looking up at him.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

I nodded my head when she gives me a time and i just smile a little bit. "Alright four pm it is." I said giving her the pop quiz exam and just grabbed my suitcase.

"You can take the quiz home but do bring it back to me tomorrow on our meeting alright?" I had places to be and grades to plug in

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Bamma | 5135 comments Nova
"Yes sir." I said nodding I ducked my head and straightened up my binder. Before tucking the pop quiz neatly into the folder for his class. I followed him out of the class room. "Thank you." I told him before I started to head back to my shared apartment with Ara. I rubbed my eyes tiredly as I walked. When was the last time I really slept and not just collapse from Exhaustion? I hmmmed as I trudged up the steps opening up the door I face planted on the couch.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments ara

I looked back at my roomie that came in a lot less stressed than the last time i saw her. I just managed to get a bit of nap going on before i had to go out to this meeting with a teacher. "So i'm guessing it went well? Nova, you really need some sleep or else how the hell are you going to get through the entire semester." I tell her drinking a cup of tea while i sat on my chair

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Bamma | 5135 comments Nova
"I'm not kicked out of his class." I explained how it went well as I lifted my head taking off my glasses making the world blurry. "but he wants to have a meeting as to WHY I keep missing his classes and about my work and stuff light that....ugh!" I groaned sitting up rubbing a hand over my face. "What about you? You have a meeting with your Psychology teacher right? Professor Vincient?" I mumbled as I went to the fridge to grab a red bull and whining playfully as my hand was slapped. "Ara..." I complained.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ara

"Technically i do have to go see my professor, but who's going to make sure that you stay off the books for a while." Hell yeah i slapped her hand away from the god damn redbull.

"You need to at least take a nap woman." I tell her not liking that she hasn't taken some rest. I reached over and take out a fresh relaxant tea and gave it to her.

"Now down it, I'm not leaving to this meeting until i see you out like a light in bed" I tell her

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Bamma | 5135 comments Nova
"Goddamn woman." I muttered under my breath earning myself a smirk. I stuck out my tongue at her and downed the freaking tea. I set the mug down feel even more tired because the tea was warm and made me warm. "I'm going I'm going." I muttered as she watched me like a hawk. I toed off my shoes after getting into my room and pulled my hair out of it's bun collapsing into bed and curling under the covers. "Happy?" I asked through a yawn.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ara

Well someone needs to take care of her because she's literally going to burn herself out. i go to her when she seems to be tumbling down . I tuck her in under the covers when she asks me if i'm content. "Still working on it, got to see those pretty little eyes closed." I teased her a little bit.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Nova
I humphed at her playfully yawning as I snuggled under the blankets as my eyes closed."don't let me sleep to long...I have a pop..." I mumbled slowly falling asleep as my sentence trailed off. I hummed asleep.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ara

"Yeah yeah pop quiz, which i assume is due tomorrow." I tell her when she finally knocks out and i sigh in relief. I tuck her in well and grab my stuff before i go out to my meeting. I mean i wasn't flunking out of the class so i don't understand why i would need the meeting. I walk almost across the school yard and go to the private offices of some of the teachers until i find Professor Vincent's and i ring his door.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I got up hearing the knock. I let her in. "Thank you for joining me Miss Amaro. Please have a seat." I told her motioning to the comfortable chair in front of my desk. "I have become aware that the quality of detail and...effort into your class work has declined steadily in the past few months. I wanted to touch base and make sure you are keeping up well with the syllabus, if everything is going well in other classes?" I asked her calmly.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ara

I make my way to his office and i try to not show how easily nervous i am right now. I mean i haven't been failing that i know off. I've tried to maintain as average as i could. He tells me that he's noticed some subtle decline of my effort in his class and i gulp a little.

"Everything is pretty average in all of my classes, as i thought that i was maintaining an average in your class as well." I tell him blushing a bit, not wanting to say that i had to get a night job to pay my classes here.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I smiled easily at her. "I always call a student in when I notice that grades are slipping. If you need help. I usually up load lectures and other lessons onto usbs to be viewed later for students who have a conflicting schedules." I told her softly.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ara

I looked at him and nodded my head when he tells me that he usually uploads a couple of stuff online or in usbs. "Thank you for being such an understanding professor mr Vincent but honestly... I just got a job and i'm just working around the schedule is all." I tell him not really wanting to say more... where i work... it's not something i wanted known to people that aren't my close friends

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
"I will start giving you a USB with the lectures on it so of you miss something in your notes or if you can't make it to class for whatever reason." I told her. "And if you have any questions you can talk to me after class or email me anytime." I said softly. "My door is always open." I told her.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ara

i looked up at him when he gives me the usb and right now i'm a little at a loss of words. I mean he is a handsome man... in a daddy issue kind of way. But he's only 29 so maybe it's the beard that's making him a little older than he is.

"Thank you for your offer, and thank you again for the usbs... I didn't think that my work was going down in quality that much." I said

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I nodded. "I make it a point of pride to help my students when they need it.....even if they don't realize they need it just yet." I smirrked slightly. "I'm a professor of Psychology my dear. I can read you like an open book." I told her smirking. She was struggling to adjust between job and work.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ara

Oh god that’s a little cocky of him to just say that he could read me like an open book. I usually would hate that thinking that men are so pompous when they have that mentality but he made it work. Made him kind of sexy. I rolled my eyes a bit and just looked at him.

“Alright professor x anything else that you want to discuss with me before I have to let you tend to your grading.” I said looking over at his stack of paper.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I laughed softly. "No you may go." I told her shaking my head. I sat back in my seat. "Remember what I said." I told her. "My door is always open if you need help." I told her.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Ara

I get up grabbing the usb and keeping it in my hands when he tells me again that whatever I may need or want he’ll that his door is always open. I bite my lip a little and give him a little smirk. “I’ll keep that in mind X.” I winked at him and walked out of his office. Woah... he’s a personality when you meet him in person. Better get food before I head to our dorm.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I chuckled softly. "Make sure you do Storm." I said as she left. I smirked shaking my head. That girl had some spunk to her that was for sure.
I groaned waking up slowly as I heard the front door shut. I stretched and yawned getting out of bed heading for my glasses. "How'd the meeting go?" I asked yawning as I sat on the couch digging out my folder for the pop quizz.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

I see the girl walking on out. Golden locks everywhere as she strutted out of the building. Iron and I shared a building for both our offices. Of course it felt more like our housing than just an office since our back we had bedrooms and a kitchen. I’m leaning against the door frame and I give him a look

“That was a lot of laughing coming from a meeting, X. You usually are a lot more serious.” I tell him

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I raised an eyebrow. "I was only putting her at ease. The fidgetting drives me mad." I scoffed. "Just because I make a student laugh does not mean I am being unprofessional Nico." I chided playfully. I glanced up at him over my glasses. "And your trouble student? How is that going?" I asked him setting my pen down once more giving him my full attention.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

“Oh I wasn’t talking about her laughter. I was talking about your laughter, now I haven’t heard you laugh that much in a few minutes except the time we got high of brownies.” I tell him when he talks about mt own problem student and I let out a sigh when I sit down on the sofa

“Well I couldn’t drill her hard about it because she’s a ball of nerves. I’m afraid she’s like a chihuahua if I reprimand her too hard she’ll shake.” I tell him.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I smirked. "She was....spunky. it amused me." I shrugged it off. I raised an eyebrow. "Hmmmm..." I said steepling my fingers. "That usually doesn't stop you from chewing them out you know." I pointed out. "She would have probably just collapsed into a ball and started crying if you had though so points to you for restraint." I told him.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

“Yeah spunk... Professor X.” I teased him a little when I just gave out a sigh when he tells me that I’m usually an iron fist. I mean yeah I have a no excuse policy but I also know what being a scholarship student is about. I just pinch my nose a bit and I nod with him.

“Wellthank you for the brownie points. Hopefully my meeting with her tomorrow wull help her instead of having her scared or of her mind.” I tell him.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I smirked. "Look...just...what are you going to say to her Nic?" I chuckled softly to give him some help. I imagine this girl was a little....high-strung.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

I grinned when I see him flustered a little. I can only guess that he has a crush on her when he turns the table on me and I groan. “I don’t know I mean I made it a point in my syllabus that I take participation very serious. I mean I’m an English literature professor it’s all about talking debating experiencing the literature. And she’s almost never there. Her work is on time but no body in the class room.” I explained to him just baffled by this girl.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I thought about what he was saying and tilted my head. "How did she look when she got to your class room today? Well put together, about to burst at the seams or falling apart?" I asked him. "She's a scholarship student right?" Speculations forming in my head but I didn't voice them. Nico had been a scholarship student but he also knew when to take time for breaks to have fun and more importantly to take time to pace himself to maintain a good Ballance. Some students could not handle that. As odd as it sounds their mindset has been so focused for so long on maintaining their work school work everything they needed another person to step in and tell them when it was enough. When they needed to take a break.
I had actually talked bout this in my Theasus paper to get my doctorate. I had chosen a more Delicate topic on the relationships between Dominate and Submissive partnership to which there were many categories. But I was not about to bring this up until AFTER his meeting tomorrow.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Hello?

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

I looked over at my dear friend when he tells me how did my student looked today. I tried my best to put the image together as much as possible. “She was just all over the place man. She came tumbling into the classroom. Papers just flying everywhere.” I told him and I just let out a sigh.

“She’s just a ball of stress that just is fluttering everywhere. It’s insane.” I tell him.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
I hummed. She did sound like one of those types from what I've heard....I unlocked my left hand side drawer taking out a folder. "Read that and don't let any of the students know about what it is. Or I will poison your coffee " I told him smirking. "It should give you a better understanding on how to approach her." I told him simply.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

“I just.. I hate seeing a fellow scholarship student just burn out like a flame.” I tell him when I take a sip from the coffee when I looked over to him and the folders. “Oh god please don’t tell me you want me to use your thesis on her?” I asked at him confused.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
"I'm saying it may give you a better idea of how to approach her on subjects. Some people can't handle the strain or don't know how too stop once they start down that selfdestructing path." I advised objectively."you don't want to see her burn out...then don't." I challenged him lightly as I got back to my grading.

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments Nico

I looked at my dear friend and just carefully thought about what he was offering. Sure i didn't want her to burn out but at the same time... I don't know if she actually needs an alpha role in her life at the moment. But then at the same time... I do care about all of my students.

"i'll think about it, I'll read what you got to say and i'll figure out if it is the best direction for her." I tell him and get out of his office to get a cup of coffee brewing.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Iroh
"That's all I ask." I called after him as I graded papers at my desk. I shook my head slightly and chuckled softly.
(Time skip?)

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RED (aimme) | 6854 comments sure where do you want to skip?

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