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message 1: by Michelle M. (new)

Michelle M. | 46 comments Madison Adair is a beautiful young woman that has been experiencing visions of women being killed. The visions all started with the murder of her mother. Madison can see and feel the murders from the victims stand point but she can not see the murder. Deep down Madison has a feeling that she is closer to the murderer than she had hoped. With help of the police and FBI, Madison tries to figure out who the murder is. She is worried that she will not figure it out before someone she cares for deeply is killed.

I really enjoy suspenseful mysteries and then when a little romance is added in, it makes it all the better. I have not been disappointed in Heather Graham's books! I would highly recommend them.

message 2: by Barbara M (new)

Barbara M (barbara-m) | 2299 comments I thought perhaps I had read this but I haven't. I'm putting it on my TBR

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