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message 1: by Katy (new)

Katy Hello all,
New to this group! Hope I’m posting in the right thread!
I’m a fan of Patricia Cornwell, nearly halfway through the series. Been listening to the audiobooks, which I’ve been greatly enjoying as C.J. Critt is one of my favorite narrators!
Around book ten they change narrators. Does anyone know why, or if Ms. Critt returns for the rest of the books? It’s a bit jolting to have a new narrator when you’ve come to expect certain voices for characters!


message 2: by Jeanie (new)

Jeanie | 3790 comments Many of us can identify with the feelings engendered when a series narrator is changed... not a bunch of happy campers when that happens! Narrator changes occur for many reasons: schedule conflicts, change of publishers, illness/death of narrator, retirement, or even contractual disputes. I'm not sure why the change for the Scarpetta series.

If you want to know who narrates future books for any series, just look at the results of the search for Scarpetta on Audible and check the names of the narrators, or click on the name of the series (just after the narrator's name) and it will take you to the Audible series page that lists all available books in the series and you can find the narrator names there.

It's rare that a publisher reveals why a narrator has changed... we readers just have to take whatever they give us! :(

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