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message 1: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 2239 comments Arobyn is up to his old manipulative tricks and his ultimate agenda is revealed at last. Thoughts on his plans and the way Aelin handled him.

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (melissasd) | 194 comments I haven't trusted Arobynn for some time now. I think Aelin handled him great. She used his own tricks against him.

message 3: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (laurenjberman) | 2239 comments Yes, she handled him perfectly. Playing to his ego and turning the tables on him.

I thought his agenda was really smarmy. It is like he was grooming her all along to be 100% dependent on him so that he could manipulate her into making him King of Terrasen.

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