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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical romance, colonial. Hero meets American heroine in England, he gets arrested and sent to American colonies as indentured servant. [s]

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Andie | 7 comments So the heroine meets the hero in a garden at a party while he is running from angry men who he just beat in cards. She hides him and he kisses her before disappearing into a parade of people wearing masks. She is an American heiress who was sent to find someone to marry and she is staying with family. She's on a foxhunt when the hero shows up out of no where because he followed her there. He isn't being totally honest about his motives but i don't 100% remember what they were. They end up getting caught having sex and he is charged with rape i think. He's sent to the colonies as an indentured servant to the plantation next to the heroines. He is badly abused and runs away and runs into the heroine who buys him to save him. He's really resentful because she bought him. He ends up being freed by i think the father. He gives a couple of different assumed names through out, pretty sure hes Irish. I remember she was really sensitive to storms and freaked during one.

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Lobstergirl | 40648 comments Mod
When did you read it?

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Andie | 7 comments Lobstergirl wrote: "When did you read it?"

Early 2000s , and it was probably published sometime in the 90s

Amber (Daisymau) (daisymau) | 1434 comments Here's a list of male indentured servants


Sweet Release by Pamela Clare
Starfinder by Patricia Potter
Nobody's Angel by Karen Robards
Midnight Lord by Marlene Suson
Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss
Bound By Love by Erin Yorke


Bitterleaf by Lisa Gregory

1800’s to 1810’s
Passion's Chains by Catherine Creel

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Andie | 7 comments No unfortunately none of the above

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Ayshe | 4326 comments Dark Torment maybe? Some things don't seem to match, but reviewer mentions lust consummated in the garden outside her house during grand ball: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show...

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Andie | 7 comments Ayshe wrote: "Dark Torment maybe? Some things don't seem to match, but reviewer mentions lust consummated in the garden outside her house during grand ball: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/17..."

No, it was definitely America he was sent to. I remember him believing that him and the heroine were two of a kind. When they meet and she hides him from the men chasing him he mentions she lied for him but she points out that she worded it in away that wasn't a lie. Like she tells the men that he hasn't passed by her which she explains is true since he didn't pass he stopped.

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Andie | 7 comments After weeks of looking at basically every historical romance published since 1980, I found it! The blurb on the back had nothing to do with the plot and its not on any lists. I got a surprising amount of details right.
My Brazen Heart

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