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Caine and Sam - Friends or Enemies?

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Jillian Well we all know Caine and Sam aren't best friends...but what do you think their relationship will be like now after the events of Hunger?

Will they share a common enemy instead of going after each other?

lianna I hope they team up. I know they aren't the best of friends but in Hunger they seemed to be good working together. If they just accept each other then Caine could come down to Perdido Beach and they could run the fayz together. But of course, Sam should have much more power than Caine. But that's probably not going to happen.

But I have an odd feeling that something big is going to happen and they're going to have to team up to fight whatever happens. It's basically Caine's fault that they're enemies. I mean Sam did offer him a place in Perdido Beach but Caine refused. I think they were pretty good working together againist the Darkness in Hunger. I was suprised that they seemed almost...nice to each other. Almost.

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