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message 1: by Heena (new)

Heena Rathore Pardeshi (heenarathore) | 2222 comments Mod
We all are obsessive readers here and have been reading for a while, some longer than others. These days we have access to so many resources and technology that it is impossible for everyone to know everything!
I'm sure every one of us readers has come across some of these resources including websites, blogs, applications and other open source resources that has helped us gain access to books which we did not expect to find in the first place. This thread is for these resources. Please share the resources that have helped you in your reading journey so that together we all can read more and know more.

Please make sure not to share any resource that is illegal or harms the authors/publishers' integrity in any way.

message 2: by Dagny (new)

Dagny (madamevauquer) | 3587 comments Mod
For Classics remember Project Gutenberg for books in the Public Domain. For the U.S., it is anything published prior to 1923 plus some newer items. For most (all?) British countries - Canada, Australia, England, etc - it is author's date of death plus 50 years. Unlike the old days when you could only get these in plain text, they are now available in numerous formats including Kindle.

Many of the public domain books have been recorded by volunteers are are available free from LibriVox.

message 3: by Heena (new)

Heena Rathore Pardeshi (heenarathore) | 2222 comments Mod
Thanks, Dagny. I was just waiting for you to post :)

Librivox App is another resource. I started using Librivox's amazing audiobooks on Dagny's suggestion and later came across its app on Google Play Store. It is very easy to operate and I find its interface is even better than Audible!
And it even has a really good 'Recommendations' bar that suggests very good recs.

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