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Adrienna (adriennaturner) Please share any good titles to read for the future.

I am an author as well. You are welcome to check out book 1 of Miss the Mark Series from an Urban viewpoint. Tormented Dreams (Miss the Mark, #1) by Adrienna Turner

And book 2 anticipated date is in October 2018: Outcry, Shalom! (Miss the Mark, #2) by Adrienna Turner

Welcoming ideas for book 3 cover (Marked Souls) to submit to illustrator this month.

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Adrienna (adriennaturner) Reviewing these seriesThe Stone of Mercy

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Kingdom (kingdomexpansion) | 383 comments Authors For Christ - A collection of authors uniting to share the love of God, hope, encouragement, the miracles of God and life changing testimonies of living a life in the Kingdom of God.

Amazing testimonies of faith, hope, trust, salvation, life experiences, biblical teachings and so much more.

Authors and Writers - Come be a part of our next book releases!!!
Contact us at:

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Kingdom (kingdomexpansion) | 383 comments Check Out Some Great Christian Authors and Books at The AMB Blog

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Kingdom (kingdomexpansion) | 383 comments Light From Heaven Daily Devotional Including Teaching & Learning Christ's Character by Grace Dola Balogun

This book Daily Devotional with teaching and learning Christ's Character will help individual both Christian and non-Christian to learn how to get close to God the Father Almighty the creator of heaven and earth sea and everything that dwell and existed in the earth. Prayer is a petition between divine and human fundamental belief that we are communicating with our heavenly Father, whom we cannot see but always actively present when we kneel down to pray, God who listened and answered Genesis 21:16-18; 22:11-12; God's intentions for human being questions, requests for guidance, our complains, and reasons for complains Scripture revealed:Genesis 21, 15, 22, 18, explained how important is the our Daily Devotion is very helpful in our daily living.

Reading and studying this Devotional will straightened out our personal relationship with God the Father, God The Son and God the Holy Spirit forever one God. It will help us to live a happy and joyful, peaceful life every day. Our fellowship with the Trinity Holy God will increase, communication will be flowing like a river. We will know and come to the realization that there is nothing God can not do for us if we get close to him in our daily life. This Devotional Book will strengthen us spiritually and physically in all the areas of our lives. God Almighty is the supreme being of the Universe, the Omnipotent, omnipresent, Omniscience will manifest in presence in our life from this earth to heaven.

Light From Heaven Daily Devotional Including Teaching & Learning Christ's Character

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J.L. Pattison | 2 comments Beneath a Scarlett Sky by Mark Sullivan
Zero Hour by Stoney Setzer
The Revolution by Ron Paul

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McDennias Moyo | 1 comments It is OUT NOW and it will be FREE on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited from 21/03/21 - 26/03/21 HURRY & GRAB YOURS FOR FREE

Book Link:

My Prickly Heart is a beautifully written collection of poetry about love, heartbreak, raw emotions and random musings. It is honest, romantic, mournful and realistic. The poetry vividly captures the different emotions one goes through in their journey through life and love.

This collection of poems will inspire, reassure, comfort and heal many hearts.

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