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Blood Wager (Blood Destiny, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Adult PNR: woman bodyguard pretending to be a Mage but is really a shifter. [s]

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Melanie | 556 comments Read free thru kindle unlimited. Might be a series not sure but if it is, this book is book 1. Read in the past 1-3 years. Ok so this woman needs money and she hears about a bodyguard position that will pay big bucks. She goes to the meeting and the current body guards look at her and are like come on how is this chick going to protect the boss. I think they are all wolves (but not positive). She's super special and is doesn't want anyone what she really is. But anyways she and the boss end up having feelings for each other. As she pretends to be his girlfriend (so no-one outside of the guards) will know she's really protecting him.

Melanie | 556 comments Maybe she wasn't pretending to be his girlfriend. She was strictly just his bodyguard.

Other things that i remember she that his house has major security, like cameras, dogs, guard house etc.

They end up traveling somewhere and she's on watch duty and she's on the roof of the house.

I do know that the boss like's her and when they are house he treats her different when no one is around.

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Denise O'Grady | 7 comments not 100% matching but sounds similar to Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. if not you might like that series as well.

Melanie | 556 comments No sorry not that book. The more i think about i think i read the book in a "book bundle". It could be urban fantasy???
I remember a scene at his primary residence she walking the grounds on patrol and find some of the guards knocked out and she runs to the house to check on the guy. She might not pretend to be a mage (i dont know if im mixing my stories up) but i def know she hidding what she truely is bc shes special and hidding who she really is from someone.

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Angela Johnson | 79 comments Also sounds a little like one of the Mercy Thompson books by Patricia Briggs.

Melanie | 556 comments No not Mercy Thompson books, i've read those and it's those.

Melanie | 556 comments bump

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0possum | 71 comments If she might be hiding the fact she is a vampire then it could be the Blood Destiny series. She is slight woman (after the change) that fights well. Before the change she's a middle aged widow. She is in security that pays very well. The house and roof details you mention are also in the book. She does pretend to be the guy's girlfriend at a basketball game or something. and there are wolves involved. She is hiding from someone. I think it's vampires. Anyway here's a possible match: Blood Wager

Melanie | 556 comments DING DING!!!! That's so it! Your awesome. If i know how to import a meme in this I would.

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0possum | 71 comments Glad it's your book!

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