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Bamma | 5135 comments Name





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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (So who do you want to play?)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Hmmmone girl and the Maestro think :) that way it's fair?

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Sounds good to me! So I'm have the another girl roommate and the wall banger guy lol)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Name Illiad Salvador


Looks: https://pin.it/3ejuhnzdbkoxeq


He is comfortable casual. He was raised to dress well and act well.

Bio he has a huskey named Akia. He is studying to become a composer. His family would prefer him to be a doctor but he doesn't want life or death decisions placed on his shoulders.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Name: Josephine Wright 'Jojo'

Age: 21



Bio: She is kind of kooky and must think she is kind of weird since she is interested in natural healing through herbs and crystals. Her parents are famous lawyers who disowned her after she refused to go to college to become a lawyer.


Name: Jeremy Sharp

Age: 25



Bio: He is a tattoo artist during the day, bartender at night and all around ladies man.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae Valkyrie


Looks https://pin.it/k436bg67gmtxnf

Her Moto is: When I'm good I'm great, when I'm bad I'm better.
Despite her dark and fiesty nature she is studying to be a veterinarian. As a wicccan she vallues all life and lives that her roommate JoJo is into natural medicine and is all to happy to support her.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Want me to start us off?

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (So how do you want us to start off?)

message 10: by Bamma (new)

Bamma | 5135 comments (lol I was thinking maybe JoJo and Illiad meet while getting the mail maybe Mae gets tired of the wall banging that night and storms over to Jeremy's apartment?)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Lol that works! You want to set it up or do you want me to?)

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Bamma | 5135 comments (I'll do it! :)

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Bamma | 5135 comments Illiad.
I walked up the steps humming Molzart underly breathe as I walked over to the mail boxes seeing a new girl there. I smiled softly at her as I took out my keys. Akia whined happily seeing the new person. "Hi, your new to the building right? I'm Illiad." I introduced trying to be neighborly.

I'm ready to kill someone.... I pulled my pillow over my face. What the fuck is it with him?! Was the Energizer bunny shoved up his ass? I'm done. I rolled out of bed pulling on my robe sashing it as I marched over to his door banging on it not caring if I was cock blocking him. He could use a good block.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Okay!)

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jojo

I jump a little in surprise as I hear someone humming. I glance over and see a guy with a dog taking out his key to his mailbox. He says hello and introduces himself.

"Oh, hello." I say clutching Mae and my mail to my chest. My voice is light and soft spoken. "I'm Jojo. I guess you could say I'm new. My roommate and I moved in a few weeks ago."


I hear someone banging on my door and roll out of bed. It squeaking under my weight. I swear I needed to get a new bed. I open up the door, my pajama pants hanging low on my hips. A tattoo on the left side of my chest.

I see a girl in a robe standing there, looking pissed. "Can I help you?" I ask her leaning against the door.


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Bamma | 5135 comments Illiad
"Welcome to our building then." I said smiling softly at her. "This is Akia." I told her as I unlocked my mailbox. Akia wagged her tail happily whining softly. "You can pet her if you'd like." I said smiling softly at JoJo.

That was a nicely done tattoo but that was not the point of this visit. "Yeah either move your bed off the wall or stop bringing girls home some of us need sleep!" I said sweetly though...right now I felt anything but sweet. I narrowed my eyes at him crossing my arms ignoring the fact he was in just some bottoms and I was standing there in my shorter robe.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jojo

He welcomes me to the building and introduces me to his dog. The dog wags her tail whining softly before her master tells me I can pet her if I like.

"Oh sure." I say softly and lean down to let her sniff my hand for a moment before I pet her head.


She sweetly tells me to either move my bed off the wall or stop bringing girls home. I chuckle as she narrows her eyes at me, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Keeping track of my night time activities, huh?" I say with a smug smile and lean forward until my lips are an inch from her ear. "What's a matter, sweetheart? Jealous?" I whisper in her ear.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
I scoffed. "Hardly." I said not backing down as he leaning into my space trying to effect me. "I live right next door. My bedroom is apparently right by yours and your wall banging makes it impossible to get any sleep not to meantion the cheap porno moaning." I scoffed. Honesty.
"Are you enjoying it here so far?" I asked her smiling softly as Akia soaked up the attention whining happily. I smiled. "Most people in the building are pretty nice." I said.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

She scoffs and says hardly. She tells me she lives right next door and that her bedroom is apparently right by mine. That my wall banging makes it impossible to get any sleep. I chuckle.

"Cheap porno moaning. That's a good one. But you forgot to add the part about them screaming out my name as they come like they never had before." I say smugly.

"Now if you don't mine I need to get ready for work." I tell her. "But feel free to come over if you ever want to see what all the fuss is about, neighbor."


"It's nice so far. My roommate is a going a little batty though with one of our neighbors. She says it sounds like he likes to have a lot of nightly fun." I tell him scratching behind Akia's ears.

"So far I can't complain... though we do have another neighbor that plays his music all night. It isn't bad music but it kind of a pain when you are trying to sleep."

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
"Oh please they are probably faking to spare your ego. Either that or they wouldn't know a good fuck if it slapped them in the face." I said sweetly. "If you bring another bimbo home...." I trailed off. "I will not be held responsible for my actions." I scoffed walking away going back into my apartment to sleep.
I winced slightly. "The music is probably me." I said sheepishly. "I'll try to keep it down." I promised her. I smiled softly and chuckled. "That would be Jeremy. He prides himself on being a "ladies man"." I smirked.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

She tells me that they are probably faking to spare my ego and that they wouldn't know a good fuck if it slapped them in the face. She warns me if I bring a another bimbo home that she will not be held responsible for her actions.

I chuckle watching her storm back into her apartment. I head back into mine and head to shower and get ready to head out.


He winces and says that is probably him. He promises to try and keep it down. I blush a little. "Oh dear. I didn't know it was you. I hope you don't think I am rude for saying that. I mean the music is really pretty just kind of makes it hard for me to sleep." I ramble embarrassed.

He tells me that the other guy would be Jeremy and he prides himself on being a ladies man. "I'd say so. My roommate is ready to lose it." I say with a soft laugh.

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Bamma | 5135 comments (lol he should bring a girl back....I have a wicked plan that is funny but will maybe piss him off...)
"It's alright JoJo really. I didn't mean to be rude by keeping you up." I said apollogeticaly I smiled and laughed softly. "Yeah I can imagine she is. I would be too in all honestly." I snickered. "but if you two ladies need any help with anything I'm just right next door." I offered smiling softly.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments (Oh you know he will lol! Want them to skip to then?)


He tells me it is alright and that he didn't mean to be rude and keep me up. He laughs softly and says he can imagine she is and he would be too. He offers his help if we ever need it.

"Thank you." I say with a soft smile. "I'll tell Mae that." I pat Akia's head one last time. "I guess I should get going. I'm sure you have things to do."

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Bamma | 5135 comments Illiad
I nodded. "Just some stuff from College." I chuckled softly. "I'll see you later JoJo." I said smiling softly as we both went upstairs.

I told him. I told him and he didn't believe me. I sniffed and found one of my less ornate rings putting it on my ring finger and a picture of my nephew in my pocket. I smirked to myself. "I'll be back in a minute Jojo." I called as I stalked out into the hall. I cleared my throat a few times and put on a heart broken angry look. I pounded on the door knowing I was heard when the slut started whining about him stopping. I resisted rolling my eyes waiting a few moments before pounding on the door again. Oh he was going to regret this. He opened the door smirking and before he could say anything cock I burst out in a "tearful" voice. "You lying cheating bastard!" The bimbo had a sheet wrapped around her watching wide eyed. "How could you do this to me? To JJ?" I said with a fake sob. "Do our vows mean nothing to you?" I was cackling maddly on the inside.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jojo

He tells me just some stuff from college but he'll see me later.
"See you." I say with a little smile as we both of us head up stairs.


I look up from my book on herb as Mae tears out of our apartment telling us she would be right back. I raise an eyebrow confused and get up to see her head into Jeremy's place. Oh dear this was going to be interesting.


I get up pissed to have to stop when things were getting good. I throw back on my boxers and open the door to see Mae. "What-" She bursts out into tears as she calls me a lying cheating bastard.

I look at her confused as she tells me how could I do this to her and someone named JJ. She sobs and says doesn't our vows mean anything to me.

"You're married." The blonde I brought home shrieks. Before I can even get a word out she smacks me across the face and grabs her clothes, storming out with my sheets.

"What the hell!" I growl at my neighbor who just royally fucked over my night.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
I waited until she was gone and dropped the act smirking. "I told you today I wouldn't be held accountable for my actions if you brought another bimbo home." I said shrugging. "Have fun with your blue balls." I said taking the ring off my finger and waving good bye before turning to leave again.

I heard yelling and set down my book opening my apartment door poking my head out.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

She drops the act and smirks at me. She tells me she today me she wouldn't be held accountable for her actions if I brought another girl home. She shrugs and tells me have fun with my blue balls.

I grab her hand and spin her around. "Are you serious. Damn I should take you over my knee and spank the hell out of you for that stunt." I tell her pissed.


I see Illiad peeking his head out to see what is going on. I wave to him with a little smile. "Mae wasn't having it with Jeremy and his lady friend tonight." I whisper to him.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
He grabbed my hand and spun me around. I scoffed as he said he should take me over his knee and spank me for that stunt. I rolled my eyes unrepent in my actions. "Hey you could have just moved your bed away from the wall but noooo you had to do your Energizer bunny routine...again." I scoffed. "Yeah your going to "spank me"." I mocked not believing it for a second. "Now let go play boy." I said trying to get out of his grip.
My mouth formed a small 'o'. "That probably pissed him off." I chuckled walking over to her door leaning on the door jamb. "I'm guessing her plan worked?" I asked.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

"You want to bet on that, sweetheart." I tell her after she mocks me about spanking her. I pull her to me so we are chest to chest. "After that little stunt I would make sure you couldn't sit for a week." I growl looking down at her.


He chuckles saying that probably pissed him off. He comes over to lean against the door jam and asks if her plan worked. "Well a girl did just storm out of here in a sheet so I take it that it works. I'm sure he is pissed about it though." I tell him.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
"Oh yes I would like to bet." I said smirking. I raised an eyebrow as he pulled me so we were chest to chest "well then I guess it's going you are in no position to make that call isn't it? Your not my Dom nor are you my parent." I scoffed. I leaned my upper half away from him. "Your dick is poking me." I pointed out.
"Yeah....Jeremy has a pretty high drive...I don't imagine he enjoys being interrupted." I chuckled softly. "Think we should check on them?" I asked her.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

She smirks that she would like to bet and scoffs that I am not her parents her or dom. She leans away from me and tells me my dick is poking her.

"Dom huh. Kinky girl." I tease not letting her go. I lean in to whisper in her ear. "You know you left me with a rather big problem." I nibble on her ear. "What are you going to do about that?"


He chuckles saying he has a pretty high drive and he doesn't imagine that he enjoys being interrupted. He asks me if we should go check on them.

"I mean pobably. Just to make sure they don't try and kill each other."

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
My breath stopped short involuntarily as he leaned in whispering in my ear that I left him with a rather big problem he nibbled on my earlobe asking what I was planning on doing about it. I hid a shudder.
"Absolutely nothing." I said my tone sweetly defiant pushing his buttons( pretty confident I WASN'T going to be spanked) now covering my own reactions to him. "Now if you will excuse me there is a bed with my name on it." I said not thinking he could twist my words around.
"I'm not hearing any screaming...." I said as we tip toes down the hall to check on them. Jeremy and I were kind of friend and Mae was her room mate.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

Her breath catches and she shudders just slightly. She tells me in a sweet tone absolutely nothing. She tells me now if I would excuse her there is a bed with her name on it.

"Oh you bet there is, sweetheart. My bed." I growl softly in her ear.


He says he is not hearing screaming so that was a good sign. We tip toe down the hallway to check on them. I mean I didn't want us to get kicked out for fighting with our neighbor. I peek my head around the door frame since the front door was open and blush seeing them.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
I shivered as he growled in my ear. My hands tightened on his arms. "Oh yeah?" I bluffed. "Says who? You are the guy just said he was going to spank me." I scoffed but not trying to pull away eithers. "It's not like my little stunt even warrants that kind of action anyway. I did want you." I said talking fast now trying to talk my way out of this but I had a feeling I was digging myself in a deeper hole as his arms pressed me closer to him. The submissive side of me starting to turn to mush trying to take the rest of me down with it. Goddamn it Mar have a damn back bone!
I peeked with her heat building under my collar as I saw the position they were in completely ignorant that the door was wide open. I reached in and quietly closed it. "I don't think we need to worry...." I said quietly pulling on my short collar.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

She shivers and her hands tighten on my arms and she says oh yeah and says who. She scoffs and says that I just say I was going to spank her. She adds she doesn't feel like her stunt even warrants that.

"Oh so you want me, huh." I tease with a smug grin. "Besides you very much deserve it for ruining my night and leaving me with this to deal with." I press her closer to me so my hard on is pressed right against her core through her jeans.


He reaches around me to quietly close the door. He quietly says that he doesn't think we need to worry about them. His cheeks red as he pulls at his collar.

"Yea." I squeak quietly, my cheeks red as well.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
"No! That's thanks not what I meant." I said flustered and off my game from the slip of the tongue and feeling him press against my core. I squeaked. "I do not deserve one!" I protested hotly giving him a half heartedly glare. Squirming against him stimulating us both unintentionally.
"So..." I cleared my throat. "Would you like some tea?" I said trying to break the awkwardness.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

She is flustered as she says that is not what she meant. She squeaks and protests she doesn't deserve to be spanked. "Oh really. You interrupt my night, get me slapped and then were about to leave me with a nice pair of blue balls to deal with." I tell her.

She squirms against me, rubbing her body against mine. "I say that earns you something, sweetheart."


He clears his throat and asks if I would like some tea. "Ah yes. That would be great." I say toying with a lock of my hair as we try to break up the awkward moment we had witnessed.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
"In my defense I didn't know she would slap you. How was I supposed to know?" I asked him. I swallowed thickly as he said it earned me something.
"Um.... A good nights sleep?" I said trying to charm my way out of this not meeting his eye because the look on his face scrambled my brains with hormones. I looked anywhere but at him.
"Jasmine okay?" I asked leading her to my apartment. I put the gettle on and got the loose tea ready.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

I chuckle and shake my head as she says a good nights sleep. "Nope." I whisper in her ear. "You deserve something far more fun for me." I growl little and nip at her ear.

"So will you take your punishment or am I going to have to be very pissed at you from now on."


He asks me if jasmine is okay. "That sound good to me." I say with a smile as he guides me back to his apartment. He sets the kettle up and I take a seat.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae.
I shivered and peeked at him. "Fun for you huh?" I said quietly. Growled and sighed. "fine." I huffed at him wiggling in his arms. But you can let go you know." If he did I would b- wait...when did the door close?
My apartment was spacious and modern my piano sat in front of a large window as I made the tea I trained to straighten up my messy paper work.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

She shivers and peeks at me says fun for me huh. She growls and huffs fine as she wiggles in my arms. She tells me I can let her go now. I let her go and raise my hands in surrender.

"What can I say I didn't want to risk you running off and leaving me here." I tell her with a smirk.


"Do you need any help?" I ask him as he starts to straight things up. I felt bad just sitting there doing nothing.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
"I was planning on it but you would probably catch me now with the door shut." I smirked at him. I raised an eyebrow. "So now what...hubby?" I taunted smirking. You bet your ass I would use that again.

"Nah I don't have much." I said smiling as Akia came reaching in jumping on the seat next to JoJo.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

She tells me she was planning to but I would probably catch her with the door shut. She smirks and taunts me saying what now calling me hubby.

"Well, wifey. You are getting a spanking." I say hauling her over my shoulder I carry her to my room and plop her down on my bed.


He says he doesn't have much and smiles. Akia comes over and jumps onto the seat next to me. "Hello again." I say with a smile and pet her head.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
I squeaked as he picked me up and plopped me on his bed. I huffed. "This isn't fair you know." I grumbled as I subtly tried to squirm away but he sat and hauled me over his lap. I squeaked blushing brightly. "This is mortifying." I complained.
Akia whined happily laying herself across JoJo's lap whining and talking happily to her new favorite. "Sugar or honey?" I asked.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

She squeaks and huffs that this isn't fair. She tries to squirm away but I sit down and haul her over my lap. She squeaks again and complains this is mortifying.

"Well you should have thought about that before you pulled your little stunt. I push down her pants a little until her panty covered bottom sticks out. I rub my hand over it before I swat her bottom.


Akia whines and lays across my lap as I pet her head. She makes grumbling noises like she was talking to me. I chuckle and stroke her ears as Illiad asks me about sugar or honey for my tea.

"Honey, please." I say with a smile.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Mae
"Little stunt you've been keeping me awake for weeks. Drast-" I cut off with a yelp out of surprise more then pain as he swatted my bottom. "Drastic times called for drastic messures.!" I rushed out before yelping as the second swat. I squirmed on his lap. "I am not sorry for what I did." I huffed petulantly. I looked over my shoulder and stuck my tongue out at him.
I smiled brewing the tea in the tea pot letting it seep as I brought the tray over. "So JoJo what do you do?" I asked curious.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jeremy

"Oh you are going to be." I tell her as she huffs she is not sorry and squirms in my lap. She looks over her shoulder at me and sticks her tongue out at me.

I smirk and swat her bottom twice slightly harder then before and I rub my hand over her panty covered bottom.


He brings over a tray and asks me what I do. I blush a little, biting my lip. People always thought it was weird that I do. "I research natural healing methods like using herbs or crystals or things from nature to heal rather then pills." I say shyly.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Illiad
"Ah so you study homeopathic medicines. That's very cool. And this is coming from some whose whole family is some kind of doctor." I chuckled pouring us both a cup of tea. "Do you enjoy it?" I asked curious. I knew modern medicine couldn't cure everything. And some times made things worse for the patient
I yelped and groaned quietly as he delivered two hard swats rubbing my abused bottom. "Ow..." I whined as the sting became more intense as he rubbed his hand over it. I felt my ears go red as I felt how wet I was getting. I squirmed in his lap trying to wiggle away. I huffed as he just waited for me to stop wiggling keeping anfirm grip on me to keep me still but not hurting me. Still though! I was well aware I was being a brat as well. I huffed thumping my foot against the floor.

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Gemma (gemthebookworm) | 7918 comments Jojo

I blush as he tells me he thinks that is very cool and that is coming from someone whose family are all some kind of doctor. He pours us some tea and asks if I enjoy it.

"I do." I say softly twirling a lock of hair around my fingers. "It really neat to see all the different herbal remedy that can people cure an illness." It was kind of nice to talk with someone who didn't think I was a kook or something.


She yelps and groans, whining ow. She squirms on my lap and huffs as I wait not letting her go yet. She huffs some more and thumps her foot against the ground like a bratty child.

I chuckle a little. "You ready to say you are sorry for pulling a stunt like that?" I ask her, still rubbing my hand over her bottom. It would quickly turn to a swat if she tells me she didn't feel sorry.

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Bamma | 5135 comments Illiad
I smiled softly. "Well I approve whole heartedly what your doing. It's a hard path but...it's rewarding." I said smiling softly at her as I sipped my tea. "I know that some times that modern medicine has higher risks with all the side effects and such some times making harder on the patient." I said softly.
I gave him the stink eyeover my shoulder as he chuckled at me. I huffed but bit my lip. "Im sorry you got slapped." I told him raising an eyebrow. I would at least apollogize for that! I didn't think he would get slapped. I just expected her to scream and storm away. I wiggled trying to pull away feeling his dick poked into my stomach. I huffed.

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