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message 1: by Tom (last edited Aug 10, 2018 10:29AM) (new)

Tom Wood (tom_wood) | 77 comments Mod
An interesting read.

"It’s worth remembering that many of those original cyberpunk interiors were already ‘old’ in the sense that they imagined these new technologies being layered onto an older, still existing city. The city of Blade Runner is much more influenced by the aesthetics of 1900–30s skyscrapers than those of the 1960s. So in a sense it’s natural that it’s moved on, while still looking backwards for inspiration."

They used Wright's Ennis House for the interiors of Deckard's apartment. They put it on top of a skyscraper that doesn't exist.

message 2: by Olivier (new)

Olivier Gagnon | 5 comments Good subject matter, but i found that the authors lack of experience in architectural trend was not overcome by his invitation of experts. He just wasn't up for the task, and his theory of "Hard concrete" feels like a child playing at being a cop or something.
In any case, thank you for sharing.

message 3: by Tom (new)

Tom Wood (tom_wood) | 77 comments Mod
You're welcome!

There was a backlash against brutalist architecture, to the point that several buildings were demolished. Now, there's a backlash against the backlash in the form of a preservation effort.

message 4: by Rick (new)

Rick | 1 comments @Olivier - just curious, how does my "lack of experience in architectural trend" manifest in my piece? When you say, "I wasn't up for the task" what task is that?

I certainly don't consider myself an architectural expert (that's my brothers' areas of expertise), I'm simply a guy interested in science fiction.

Not looking to get in a flame war or anything, just interested in your perspective.

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