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message 1: by Kamalika (new)

Kamalika Mukherjee | 8 comments Hi there,

I'm on the lookout for a beta reader for my new novel. It's mostly because I like having a sounding board while writing. I must confess I'm a little bit stuck even though I have the entire thing planned out in my head, but I'm a little bit lost, and would really like someone who loves and appreciates YA novels to take a look at it.

Here's how the blurb goes (though it's only the rough draft and nothing is finalized yet):

Jace is literally going insane. After a relatively peaceful existence in a city as chaotic as Chicago, his family moves to Sitka only to find himself and his friends in the middle of a supernatural showdown. While they are not quite normal themselves, they are plagued by the same teenage problems - unrequited love, overprotective parents, sexuality crisis - and on top of it, well, there are vampires (the non-sparkly variety) and vampire-slayers and some other legendary monsters who were not supposed to exist.

Jace will truly throw in the towel if there are dragons. Though, on the second thought, dragons are actually awesome!

Anyway, Jace is a responsible and mature adult and he is going to get them through it by his supernatural power of being able to talk his enemy to death which includes Julius, whose muscles have muscles and whose eyes are kinda’ green, but they may change color sometime (f*****g heterochromia) who is always lurking near periphery in his douchy sports-bike looking all sleek and dangerous (also, did Jace mentioned the thigh-holster? WTF???), everything! (SHUT UP, VI!).

So, yeah, he is going to sneak on Julius one of these days and kill him because he knows he is plotting all their death, no matter what Vi says (what does twin sisters know?).

And then there is Vi, sweet and shy, never speaks until spoken to...always in the background, observing...until, one day, she is not.

If you are interested, please let me know, so that I can message you my email ID and we can take it up from there.

Kamalika :)

message 2: by Dorsey (new)

Dorsey Jr. | 107 comments Hey, I'm currently finishing a beta read but I'm willing to read yours.

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