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Seven Stones: The Complete Series (Seven Stones)
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Title: Seven Stones: The Complete Series
Author: Dave Higgins
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Swords and Sorcery
Pages Count: 503
Formats Available: MOBI, EPUB, PDF
Review Due Date: August 30

Book Description: Plagued by nightmares of shifting stone and ancient evil, Absolution Kobb, Reverend Militant of the Order of the Maker, journeys to the northern edge of civilisation. Encountering violence from both villagers and the inhuman tribes that dwell beyond the palisades, and exhausted from both his age and his visions, he is saved by two very different people: Anessa, a young villager seeking to escape a life of shopkeeping; and Haelen, an ageing healer seeking his kidnapped daughter.

At first, their aims align. However, with every step toward sealing the evil away taking them further from the simplicity of heroes opposing the darkness, they must each decide not only how far they will go but when an ally becomes a villain.

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epub please

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