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I forgot the name of a book.. Eat Pray Love is not it.. i just needed to be able to post this
Sierra Sierra Aug 08, 2018 09:23PM
I am looking for a book that I have forgotten the name of. I only remember bits and pieces, so please bare with me...
The main girl had cheated on her boyfriend with his older brother, and she had been bullied for it, and I think she moved schools. She came back for summer break, and got a job at a new place. All the girls there gave her dirty looks and such, except for one. So they became friends and then over a couple weeks or so the main girl realized that her new friend was with her ex that she cheated on. Well fast forward the older brother of the ex and the main girl start talking and hanging out and soon enough they’re together. The family of the guys had thrown a going away party, i think, and the older brother invited the main girl as his date. His family was a little shocked by it. They ended up falling for each other and such.. i know at one point i think they all went camping, and then the ex boyfriend had confessed his feelings for the main girl again... that’s all i got. please help in anyway if you can!! I read this book like three years ago and i started thinking about it today, and i really want to find it and read it again! thank you in advance

Is it one of these titles? Or did you find the book already? Please let me know :)

- The Summer I Turned Pretty
- Loving Summer

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