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muuumew | 1619 comments A small outposts for travelers entering and leaving Wintervale.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Artemis was clearly tired. Carrying two teenage males, no matter how muscled the horse, must have been exhausting. At least, that's what Jasper could gather. He spotted one of the outposts on Wintervale's border and nudged Shigeru, who had likely dozed off after several hours of riding nearly non-stop. Of course, he had stopped to let Artemis rest and have a bit of the feed he had stolen along with her. But this outpost, with it's own small inn, a trader's store, as well as a tiny pub that doubled as an infirmary, was the place he decided would be a good place to stop for the night. The journey to Blackridge would be a long one, but they had covered a lot of land thanks to Artemis, so she deserved a comfy place to sleep. There was a small barn behind the pub that he spotted as he urged the mare forward. Some hay would do her good. Jass made sure Shigeru was awake before they trotted into the outpost, explaining his plan of staying the night at the inn gently, so as to not startle or irritate him. He likely had just waken anyway, so it would be rude to throw something at him out of nowhere.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru hummed in response softly, when Jasper awoke him. He himself was surprised that he fell asleep, but it was a long journey after all. He rubbed at his eyes, yawned softly, and nodded. "That's a good plan." He mumbled, looking around the outpost. Reaching for his bag, he opened it out and made sure his jar of coins was still there. "I hope this place isn't too expensive." He added, closing his bag. While his family saved a lot, the journey would be a long one. Especially since they'd need all kinds of things along the way. Shigeru wanted to be very careful with their spending. It was a nice outpost, although he doubted it could be too expensive. After all, it was one of the only ones. It didn't seem very busy, so that relieved Shigeru.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper pressed a gentle kiss to Shigeru's cheek. "Do not worry, Shigeru. I have some coins left. We should be able to cover tonight's expenses with it. I do not want you breaking into that jar just yet, love. We may need it further down the road," he told the boy gently. He led Artemis over to the stables, almost concerned that the massive mare wouldn't be able to fit under the wide barn door. There was a young boy at the door, leaning against the wall of wood. He whistled at the sight of Artemis. Just like he had with Shigeru back after he had just taken Artemis, he felt a swell of pride in his chest. She was his horse now. Artemis seemed to think so too, considering the angry lift of her head and the harsh snort in the boy's face. Jass grinned. "She's got a little temper," he joked before sliding off of the saddle. He helped Shigeru down and then slipped the barn boy a few coins. By the wink, Jass could tell he had paid the right amount to get his horse in the stables for the night. This place wouldn't be too expensive if the rest of the workers accepted a few coins as pay.

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muuumew | 1619 comments "Alright, if we do need it though, don't hesitate to say so." Shigeru smiled slightly, quickly turning to kiss Jasper back. Almost immediately after doing so, he turned away, a shy smile making it's way onto his face. He walked at a normal pace alongside Jasper, once he was helped down. He mumbled a 'thank you', slightly surprised that the boy accepted very little as payment. Shigeru smiled, and looked around once more. Looking at it up close, the place didn't seem very bad. It looked organized, and well run. He heard his stomach growl, and grinned sheepishly. "Can we eat once we get settled in our room?" Shigeru asked.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper led Artemis into the stables, not exactly trusting the barn keep boy. After returning to Shigeru, he slid the boy's hand into his own, interlocking their fingers. He laughed softly at the sound of Shigeru's stomach. "Of course! Your stomach is yelling at me to feed you," he teased, heading over to the inn. It was far cleaner inside than the one in their home town, and even had a bar despite the fact that the outpost had it's own pub. People sure did enjoy their liquor. Jass checked out a room, again only needing to use a few coins. He led Shigeru up the stairs to the rooms, wanting to check on their own and make sure it was nice before going out and getting dinner.

(Wanna describe it this time???)

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((sure!!))

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru curiously opened the door to their room, and smiled. He turned to Shigeru, amazed with how nice it was. "Look at this!!" He said, running over to the center of the room and looking around curiously at everything. There was a queen sized bed near the window, with a stack of blankets sitting on it in case the room became cold. Near the door, there was a large dresser, decorated with small trinkets. A large painting, of what looked like a meadow hung on the wall next to the bed, and a tiny bathroom branched off of the room. There was a very small table in the corner of the room, with two chairs facing each other. It was definitely a lot nicer than the one in their home town. In fact, it could be considered nicer than some of the rooms in Shigeru's own home.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper whistled, impressed with the luxurious room around them. "This is...amazing," he laughed softly, stunned. He focused on Shigeru, smiling warmly at the happiness he could see in the boy. I hope he looks like that every day from now on. Outstretching a hand to Shigeru, he nodded at his friend's exclamation. "This room is far better than the one we had stayed at. But I'm famished, and I'm certain you are. Would you prefer bringing our dinner here to our room, love? There is the table in the corner that we could eat on." He specifically didn't mention the town he and Shigeru had grown up in, not wanting to remind the boy of all he had left behind. Nor what had been taken from him.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru set his bag down on the bed, and took Jasper's outstretched hand. Without a second thought he hugged the other boy. The sadness and pain he had felt the past few days was horrible, but Jasper seemed to always make him feel better. Whether it was something Jasper said, or the boy in general, Shigeru always seemed to feel better than before. "It's great. I'm glad we stopped here." He said, excited to sleep comfortably." He held the other boy's hand, and nodded. "I'd love to." He replied.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper accepted the hug and returned it without the barest amount of hesitation, wrapping his arms tightly around Shigeru. He pressed a kiss to the top of the boy's head, then nuzzling gently into his hair. His arm screamed it's protest at him, but he forced himself to ignore it. There was nothing more important to him than Shigeru. After Shigeru detached from him, Jass leaned down and pressed a loving kiss to his lips. He kissed him a few more times before finally pulling away. There was a light blush on his cheeks, but his eyes were confident, his smile warm and nothing but loving and admiring. With that, he squeezed Shigeru's hand and led them out of the room, out of the inn, and to the pub to the right of it.

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((oof,, im going to go to sleep after i reply once more (to this rp and the other) but tomorrow i have a school thing from 9am-2pm so if i don't respond, that's why!))

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru smiled, still unable to keep himself from blushing. He kissed him back, before the two left for the pub. When they stepped outside, he noticed that a slight breeze had picked up. It felt nice to be back in the fresh air, despite being outside the whole day. He intertwined their fingers, swinging his arm, as well as Jasper's back and forth gently. He looked at the pub, wondering if it would be just as nice as the inn. Shigeru assumed that it would be.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Shigeru assumed correctly. Jasper led the way into the surprisingly, but also expectedly, clean pub, then over to the bar to order their food. Simple bowls of soup and bread was all a few coins could afford, but it was much more than Jass had feared so he accepted it graciously. Holding both his plate and Shigeru's, he promised the bartender he would return the dishes in the morning and then let Shigeru lead the way back to their bedroom.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru led the way, glancing at Jasper every so often. He was a bit worried about his arm, but he seemed alright. At least for now. Once they reached the room, he opened and held the door for Jasper. "It smells pretty good." He pointed out, closing the door behind them. He took his bowl from Jasper, and set it down on the small table. "I'm honestly quite surprised that this outpost is so nice." Shigeru commented while sitting down.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper smiled warmly down at Shigeru, setting his bowl down across from the boy's and sitting down as well. "It is pretty nice. I don't think they let people stay here too long though," he teased, reaching for his spoon. Jasper, unfortunately, was more left-handed than he was right. His arm brushed the table when he went for his spoon and he hissed loudly in pain. Holding that arm closer to his chest, but not touching it to his cloak or shirt, he attempted to laugh it off. "Right hand it is," he chuckled, but his eyes watered nonetheless.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru groaned. "I wish they did." He said, smiling at him. He picked up his spoon, and scooped up a bit of the soup. When Jasper hurt himself, he set his spoon down, and glanced at him. Concern clearly showed on his face. "Isn't there an infirmary here?" Shigeru asked. He thought that the two of them probably should've went to get it checked out. Sighing at his attempt to laugh it off, he shook his head. "This isn't good for you." Shigeru said, stating the obvious.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper shook his head, forcing a smile for Shigeru. "I am alright," he reassured, though his voice wasn't that convincing. He lowered his arm onto the table, biting his lip on another hiss, as if in an attempt to prove to Shigeru that he was okay. Again, he put on a fake smile, trying his best to mask the pain that paled his face. Unlike Shigeru though, he'd had to stay awake on the horse, and after hours of being in excruciating pain without treatment nor sleep, deep shadows had formed under his eyes. There also seemed to be a thin layer of sweat on his forehead from the exertion of moving his arm as naturally as he could while being injured.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru furrowed his eyebrows at the other boy, and shook his head. "Nope. If you can, finish eating and then I'm taking you to the infirmary." He said stubbornly. Shigeru knew Jasper would try to pretend he was alright, but to this level simply wasn't okay. He picked up the spoon again, and took another bite. "We have to return the dishes anyways. What does it matter if we return them earlier than planned?" He asked, sighing. He loved Jasper, he really did- but sometimes the other boy was far too stubborn.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper's expression fell completely, his features now incredibly blank. He used his right hand to awkwardly spoon some soup into his mouth, purposefully not answering Shigeru's question despite it likely being rhetorical anyway. After finishing the soup, despite feeling a bit better just from eating, he stared at the table stubbornly as he picked at his bread. He didn't like going to get his injuries checked out. Of course, the doting of Shigeru over a small cut after one of his father's fits was always welcome. But he didn't enjoy acknowledging that his father could do this kind of damage to him. It made him feel as if he had no control over his life. Living with his father, he technically didn't, but the moments with Shigeru helped him feel more confident. Now Shigeru was passing on helping him to people neither of them knew in a place neither of them had been to before. Jass glared emotionlessly at the bread he picked apart. He wanted to be in control.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru wouldn't let it go. "Why don't you want to get it checked? I don't like seeing you in pain, Jass." He said. He crossed his arms, almost challenging Jasper. If he was going to be stubborn and refuse to go to the infirmary, Shigeru would be stubborn too. "If you don't go..Um- You're not allowed to kiss me for two days." He said, realizing later that he was also making himself suffer. Shigeru would stick to his word though. The room went quiet when he stopped speaking, save for the soft sigh he let out.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) "I don't want him to have this much control," Jasper murmured a few seconds after Shigeru's sigh, still not looking at the boy. He didn't know if Shigeru would understand what he meant, but he had wanted an answer, so he got it. Jass knew he was stubborn. He knew that he should go get his arm checked. He knew that there could be complications in the future. But going to see someone about his arm gave him a queasy feeling in his stomach. I also don't want to look weak in front of you. He had already so many times in the past, but now they were out on their own, going to a place that Shigeru was uncertain about, and e just felt that the boy deserved a person who could he could rely on.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru's downcast gaze shifted to Jasper. He frowned slightly, but nodded. While he sort of understood, he didn't get why Jasper would jeopardize his health for that sort of thing. "So you're just going to let it be?" Shigeru asked softly, swirling his spoon in the soup bowl for a few seconds before letting it go. It hit the bowl with a 'ding'. "You shouldn't jeopardize your health for something so..I don't know! We're far away from him now, just because he wounded you doesn't mean he has control." Shigeru said, taking a breath. "It means that he's the scum of the Earth, for god's sake!" He didn't realize how heated he was getting, so he quickly quieted down.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper fell silent again, keeping his gaze on the table. A minute or two after Shigeru fell quiet, he stood, picking up his plate. "I will go on my own," he muttered, standing still for a moment outside of the room after leaving to make sure Shigeru wouldn't get up and follow him before walking down the hall. He first returned the plate he had used, promised the other would be returned in the morning, and then made his way to the infirmary. The healer, a young woman just older than him, fussed over his arm. Apparently it was a big deal. She bandaged it after putting a healing herbal mix on the burn, then handing him a jar of the same remedy. Before he left, she gave him a jar of cold tea that should both help with the pain and sleeping, as well as a little candy. Laughing, he thanked her and then made his way back to their bedroom.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru frowned, and attempted to protest. He wanted to follow him, but he knew that might make Jasper upset. He pouted for a bit at first, feeling slightly abandoned. Of course, Shigeru knew he was being dramatic. Sighing, he moved over to the window and glanced outside. "I'm bored." Shigeru grumbled to himself. He plopped on the bed, landing on his back and keeping his gaze on the ceiling. Shigeru laid there for a few minutes, thinking over what had happened the past few days. Jasper truly was an amazing person in his eyes. Except when he was being stubborn. At least, that's what Shigeru thought. He smiled to himself, and rolled over onto his side, with his back facing the door.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper paused when he went to open the door, hesitant after the way he had left. Biting his bottom lip, he took a deep breath and then quietly stepped into the room. He made sure that he didn't make too much noise. He had taken a while at the infirmary, and he wasn't sure if Shigeru was awake or not. Seeing the boy's back to him on the bed only seemed to confirm that Shigeru was sleeping, so he moved carefully, setting down what he had been given as quietly as possible on the table in the corner of the room.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru heard the door open. He was about to smile and greet Jasper, but he stayed still. He wasn't super angry, but he was a bit frustrated. Why didn't he want me to go with? Shigeru thought, holding back a sigh. He was very good at pretending to be asleep, after a long time of being friends with Jasper. When he was younger, before sneaking out his parents would check on him to make sure he was asleep. He had only ever been caught once- only because he sat up when he thought his parents were gone.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper frowned over at the sleeping Shigeru, hesitating a moment before walking to him. He carefully sat down on the edge of the bed, running his right hand gently through the boy's hair. There was a part of him that felt guilty for not letting Shigeru go with him to the infirmary, but he didn't apologize. He had needed that space, if only for a moment. He wasn't used to being around Shigeru for an entire day, though he often wished it could be like that. While he didn't regret their decision to leave their home town together, he understood now that he would need space sometimes, not to mention a little time to get used to Shigeru's constant company. Jass leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to Shigeru's temple before standing. He drank some of that tea stuff before lying down on the other side of the bed, his back to Shigeru.

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muuumew | 1619 comments A smile spread across his face, despite pretending to be asleep. When Jasper laid down next to him, Shigeru expected him to try and cuddle or something, but what he got was completely different. Shigeru, being his dramatic self rolled over to his right side, and pulled up the comforter. He'd probably be over it by morning, but a lot of frustrations were bubbling up inside of him. Shigeru decided that maybe he'd get up early and get a drink at the pub before Jasper woke up. That is, if Jasper decides to sleep in.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper was surprisingly unconscious only a few minutes later. He normally had a hard time falling asleep when he wasn't cuddling with Shigeru, but thanks to the tea the healer had given him, he was out like a lamp. Instinct luckily kicked in though. He rolled onto his other side so he could face Shigeru, nuzzling his face into the back of the boy's neck and grabbing onto his shirt. That was how he slept the entire night, clinging onto Shigeru with as strong a grip as usual keeping the boy in place.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru fell asleep pretty quickly, enjoying the warmth that Jasper, and the comforter provided. He snored softly, almost forgetting the events that took place mere hours ago. They weren't even that big of a deal in the first place, though. Shigeru slept alright, aside from the few times he went to turn his body, but was held back by an iron grip. He rarely tossed and turned in his sleep, and he assumed it was because he was in a strange place. He wasn't used to sleeping in inns constantly. Despite saying it was nice, it was still a huge change for him- not that he disliked this change of course. Shigeru eventually woke up, rubbing at his eyes. He mumbled Jasper's name, and tried to turned to look at him.

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((I'll just put that Shigeru woke up))

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((Edited))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper's hand loosened on Shigeru's shirt when the boy turned to look at him after waking. This was a sign that he was nearing consciousness, but when Shigeru looked, he was still sleeping. Jass mumbled something under his breath and then slid his right arm around Shigeru's waist, nuzzling his face into the boy's neck. His left arm pressed carefully to Shigeru's chest, the bandage he had on it was in clear view. The swelling had already seemed to go down, even by looking at the bandages.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru smiled, and glanced at Jasper's arm. He was a bit surprised that it was healing so quickly, but it was a pleasant sort of surprise. Shigeru set his head back down on the pillow, but kept his eyes open. "Jass.." He whispered softly, seeing the other boy stir slightly. When he didn't wake up, Shigeru whispered his name a bit louder.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper hummed softly, but it took several more attempts to wake him before his eyes fluttered open. Even still, it was obvious that he wasn't fully aware yet. That tea had a really strong effect, it seemed. Jass blinked slowly up at Shigeru's jaw and then gently nipped the boy's skin, pulling back to look him in the eye. "...geruuu," he murmured, spreading light kisses across Shigeru's cheek until he reached his ear. He nibbled gently on Shigeru's earlobe before trailing his kisses back down the boy's neck, all the way to his collarbone where he nipped at the bone. "Mmm...geruuuu... 'M tiiired..." He whined softly like a puppy before nuzzling his face into the boy's throat again.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru's face flushed a dozen shades of red. "J-Jass!" He exclaimed, somewhat loudly in surprise. He eventually calmed down, but his cheeks were still warm. Shigeru ran a hand through the other boy's hair, and smiled while curling a few strands around his small fingers. "Me too, but c'mon we can't sleep all day!" Shigeru said. Actually, they might've been able too, if Shigeru wasn't so hyper after waking up. He nudged Jasper with his foot. "Let's get up, I'm hungry." Shigeru whined, even though he didn't move to get up.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper whimpered, shaking his head and pressing a few sleepy kisses to Shigeru's skin. "Nooo...," he murmured, tightening his arm around the boy. The pressing of Shigeru's body against his own sent a shock of pain through his arm, but it took a moment for his drugged mind to recognize it. After a second, he hissed, pulling away slightly to put more space between his arm and their bodies. "Ow," he whined softly, shaking his head again.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru scooted back a bit to make more space, just in case. He didn't realize how far he scooted back until he fell off of the bed with a loud gasp. He sat up and groaned, pouting slightly. "I'm gonna go get breakfast without you then." Shigeru lied, looking at Jasper from the floor. He eventually pushed himself off of the ground, and sat back down on the bed. He wanted to stay asleep with Jasper, but he was hungry and no longer tired.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper reached for Shigeru slowly, but the boy had already fallen off the bed. "Nooo... Don't leave," he whimpered, forcing himself into a sitting position. "I am...coming..." He slid his legs off the bed, Shigeru between them. Wrapping his right arm around Shigeru's waist, he nuzzled his face into the boy's chest, gently biting onto a piece of his shirt. "Mon'...goooo..."

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru, despite constantly being affectionate with Jasper and what not, still could refrain from blushing a little every time. He smiled, grabbing Jasper's right hand and holding it. "I love you." He mumbled, but then laughed. "What was that? I can't understand you." Shigeru said, laughing again. He stretched his arms, humming in satisfaction as he did so.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper smiled at first, at Shigeru's 'I love you', but then furrowed his brows and frowned when the boy made clear that he couldn't understand him. He released Shigeru's shirt just long enough to grumble, "Don't go," before biting it again. Nuzzling his face into Shigeru's chest, he mumbled something about 'tea' and 'still being sleepy'. He pointed over to the table where the jug of cold tea sat with his uninjured arm, pulling his hand from Shigeru's grasp. "Healer... Tea... More sleeeeeep."

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru looked over at the tea, and stood up, having to carefully make Jasper let go. "Oh, so this is what's helping your arm? That's so cool." Shigeru said, and poured Jasper a glass. He walked over to the bed carefully, trying not to spill it. Once he got there, he carefully handed it off. "Is that all you need..? Do you want me to get you any food?" Shigeru asked, looking down at the half asleep boy. He smiled, sitting back down.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper's eyes widened and he shook his head. "No... No no," he whimpered, taking the cup anyway, though he set it on the bedside table immediately. "Tea...makes me sleep..." He shook his head again, rubbing one of his eyes like a child. "I... Shigeru, more sleep..."

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru pursed his lips. "You're being confusing," He whined, "First you say that tea will make you fall asleep, and then you insist to go to sleep." He continued, sitting down on the bed. He looked at Jasper, smiling. "If you really insist on sleeping, then fine." Shigeru said, and plopped down on the bed. He yawned softly, waiting for Jasper to latch onto him like usual.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper hummed confusedly, but the moment Shigeru lied down near him, he pulled himself fully back onto the bed and cuddled into the boy. He made sure to keep his left arm from touching anything that would move much, but the right wrapped tightly around Shigeru. He wanted to hold the boy as close as possible, which resulted in him pulling Shigeru onto his chest, the boy's head on his shoulder and Jass' face in the boy's hair.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Shigeru smiled softly, and closed his eyes again. Despite trying to get Jasper awake earlier, he gave up and decided that he was fine with cuddling. "How are you feeling?" Shigeru asked softly, keeping his eyes closed. He didn't make a move to look at Jasper, and it wasn't as if he could with the boy's arm around him. Shigeru ignored the soft light pouring in threw the window.

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) Jasper murmured his answer into Shigeru's hair. "Alright for now.." His voice was nearly inaudible. He tightened his right arm around the boy, humming a bit as he nuzzled into Shigeru's hair again. "Soft.." He was likely referring to the golden brown locks tickling his cheeks.

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((can we do a time skip of sorts?))

hairyfurnacedemon (hairy_furnace_demon) (Uh, sure)

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