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Keeper of the Heart (Ly-San-Ter, #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. SciFi Romance - Royal Female mates with brute at a Contest but he wins and gets invited to her palace. [s]

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Riniya | 12 comments Hello Everyone,

This is a romance novel. It is science-fiction in nature. I remember that there is some sort of contest. The girl is a part of the royal family and finds a man to mate with. He ends up winning the contest and gets invited to her palace .

He goes to her room at night and tries to make a move on her but she has a state of the art bed that adjusts to how many people are in it and he has never seen it before and freaks out trying to defend her from it.

She has a twin brother. and im pretty sure she has a lion or a tiger like creature as a pet.

Im sorry i don't know more details. I know i read it about 8 years ago now.

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Riniya | 12 comments New Information:

When she finds a guy to mate with its because she wanted to lose her virginity. When they finally do mate he is taken aback because virginity is a value in this book.

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Riniya | 12 comments New Information:

Her Twin Brother and her Father are very happy with the man she mated with. But they are not aware he mated with her.

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Riniya | 12 comments That's it! Thank you!

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Juels | 2424 comments You're welcome.

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