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Questions > Seeking name of book about gift shop with cursed items (Hester is the protagonist)

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message 1: by Otasan (new)

Otasan | 1 comments This book takes place in England I believe. The main character’s name is Hester and she is living with her stuffy and prim aunt Emily. She begins working at a local gift shop with a creepy owner. She soon learns the items have curses. One of the items was a doll that she would have nightmares about until she threw her out. In the end she realizes the core of all the items is this frog figurine which she dumps in a pond.

Does this ring any bells?? I would love to know the name. This is definitely a 10 years old and up book. Thanks in advance!!!

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 23216 comments Librarians are volunteers tasked with upkeeping the database re books & authors.

We cannot answer questions of this nature.

You'd be better off going to the group "What's the Name of that Book?"

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