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Empty collections on web but not on device

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message 1: by Noah (new)

Noah (duke9700) When going to the Manage Your Content and Devices page on Amazon I have over 20 collections with no name (the Collection Name column is blank for all of them) and no books included that I cannot get rid of. Every few months I try another round but they have been there for at least a year.

If I choose Delete Collection they disappear but if I refresh the page they are back. This happens whether I try to delete them in bulk or individually.

If I choose Rename Collection I get the error "Unable to rename your collection. Please retry after sometime." I've been trying for over a year so apparently "sometime" hasn't arrived yet.

None of my Kindles show these blank collections even after I sync them so I can't delete them that way. I've tried adding books to the blank collections and then sending them to my Kindle hoping it would make the collection visible to delete it but the book shows up without any collections.

Yes, I could just continue ignoring them but where is the fun in that? I imagine someone at Amazon could refresh my collections list with a couple of clicks but Amazon seems to take pride in not interacting directly with users!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

message 2: by CBRetriever (new)

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message 3: by Noah (new)

Noah (duke9700) Should have mentioned that I've gone that route which might be why I got a little snippy about Amazon support! Each time it would get escalated a couple of times and then they would open a ticket with development. After that I never hear back and the ticket it eventually closed without any changes.

message 4: by CBRetriever (new)

CBRetriever | 438 comments myself, I consider the online collections glitchy and seldom use or worry about them

message 5: by Eduardo (new)

Eduardo (3brbs) | 1 comments Hi Noah, I just made an account to follow up on this. This is clearly a bug. And I sort of know how the bug happened, since I have the very same problem, but haven't been able to find a solution.

This is the story I mostly remember: I was new to Amazon Fire and started purchasing some books, then I discovered I could make collections and started creating a couple of them to put the books in. For some reason, I made a couple of mistakes on the names of the collections and tried to edit the folders, but it wasn't so intuitive and I couldn't do so, so I ended up erasing them, but without removing the books. This sort of created a problem, because I think the books still "remembered" the collection, even though it was gone. I can't recall exactly what happened, but starting from here is were these ghost folders were created.

Probably what happened is that I decided to blank the name, and erase the folder, thinking that that was o.k. and it didn't really matter. I remember something about re-discovering the erased folders on the collection menu on the Amazon Fire, so these folders were not really erased since they were not empty.

I think I started re-creating some of the folders with the same name they had, so I guess some of them appeared again, and I could empty the folder, before proceeding to erase it, and probably just left out or forgot a couple of them. This happened back and forth a couple of times within an hour or so, and it is really hard to recall what were the exact steps. After all the try and error, the collections looked fine to me in Amazon Fire, all the problems seemed fixed at the time, and I just moved on.

About a year ago I discovered I could organize my collection through the Amazon website and found two blank nameless folders in my account from the date all this happened, which was like 3 years ago.

I tried to get rid of them, and every symptom you describe happened to me: You can't erase the folder, they just keep popping back when you refresh the page (even after telling you it's erased and appears gone for a second); You can place books in the collection, but the collection (with no name) doesn't show up in your Amazon Fire (or anywhere else); You can't rename the folder, and while trying to do so it displays that annoying message "Unable to rename your collection. Please retry after sometime.", which is just a loop glitch.

At this moment, I believe that the only way to remove these ghost folders is to recreate them with the exact same name they originally had for a moment on your Amazon Fire, then see if they pop back on the collection, and then be able to treat them as regular folders.

If anyone knows a workaround to fix this ghost folder issue, or erase this ghost folder, please reply in the comments. I would be more than happy :]


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