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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson sat on one of the cold, hard benches, quietly staring down at his clipboard as he softly clicked his pen multiple times. Track season was coming up, and although many students had signed up already, he was still short on a couple. He was sure he could get enough students, he just had to look around.

Carson Carter. He had been the track coach for some time now. Being a Wendigo had it's advantages, although they were few. Being fast was one of them. He also liked to say he had another sense. This sense allowed him to see the determination in students. He could look at a student and tell right away if track was meant for them. Although, he thought every student had potential, and could become a fast runner, with enough practice, of course.

Carson's brown eyes had glanced up to scan the area. It was a beautiful day, and yet the track was completely empty. Students were either in class, out partying, or locked up in their dorm rooms on their electric devices. He had to strike motivation in students. Or at least, those on his team. But, perhaps he'd leave that for another time. Like, when track season started. That'd be best.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Emerson had been lucky to find an empty bench near the track field to lay himself down on till his dorm room cleared up. It was the perfect spot; the field was deserted, and Em had not spotted a single soul when he had been skimming past it earlier, which meant there would be no one to disturb him here. Moreover, the weather was mellow, and the bench he'd found was close enough to trees and shrubbery to provide the ideal shade. He was quite relaxed spread out on it, to say the least, at the moment had his eyes closed.

Normally, Em would prefer to laze around in his own bed back at the dorms, however, he also shared the room with a notorious party planner, and sleeping in such a noisy and messy environment was nearly impossible. He would have to exhaust himself helping with the clean up later on (not that he had to, but he couldn't leave his roommate to clean it all by themselves), so he figured he would rest now.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson's eyes stopped upon a student. He was probably the only one out here on this beautiful day. However, lazy as he seemed, Carson saw potential in him. Or, perhaps Carson was just desperate for more members. If they got enough, they could go out and do competitions. Carson hoped they'd make it that far.

Carson sets down his pen and clip board before standing up and heads over. He leans over the figure, eyeing him lightly. He softly chuckles,"You look as if your classes already drained you, and it's nearly noon." He states. He didn't know this student. He didn't know many students. But, he was determined to know this one.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em heard movement and footsteps nearby. He didn't bother opening his eyes at first, assuming it was just a passerby, but when it became increasingly clear he was being spoken to, he finally opened them to see a handsome face staring down at him, nearly scaring him, though luckily he only jumped slightly. He offered him a friendly smile after relaxing again. "Right on the dot," he confirmed. "You seem energetic though," he added observantly.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson had blinked lightly, smiling lightly at his observation,"Indeed. Who shouldn't be on this beautiful day?" He asks, motioning up to the sky. Indeed it was beautiful. It always was here at Addermire. Even on stormy nights, Carson found it beautiful. He glances back down at him,"Do you mind?" He asks, pointing at the bench as if asking if he could sit down and join him.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em looked upwards when Carson motioned that way, and seeing the vivid blue, agreed with Carson there. It was a very pleasant day, he too, thought. It actually managed to stir a slight feeling of being alive to Em with how ideal it was, almost tempting him to desire actually doing something. Though he still preferred the rest.
He glanced back at Carson when he pointed towards the bench, sitting up and shifting over to one side to leave the other side empty for him. He noted his outfit with curiosity. "... I assume you're involved in the sports program..?" He inquired.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson smiles, sitting beside him. He softly chuckles,"That obvious, huh?" He nods, lightly leaning back,"I am the coach of the track team." He smiles lightly,"Well, what we have of it so far." He eyes him over. He could tell this boy was lazy, though, a cute guy like him had to be involved in one of the other clubs, right? Surely one that took up most of his time. "..Are you taking part in any of the other after school clubs?" He asks, slightly tilting his head. He was attentive to Em. He was curious about him, more than anything. He found him interesting. Not just in looks, but how his personality seemed so far.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments "That explains a lot," Em commented in a friendly manner with a smile when he mentioned he was the track team coach, mostly referring to how it made sense why he was at a nearly deserted track field now. He looked at Carson curiously when he asked about his club activities, slowly shaking his head. "No, I'm not part of any clubs..," he admitted, a little embarrassed as he looked away, rubbing the back of his neck with his palm. Most students had some sort of club they were involved it, so he was a bit ashamed to confess he wasn't in any, despite his fondness for being lazy. It wasn't that he didn't care for them, he simply hadn't believed he'd do well in any of them. None of them stood out to him as an area he was particularly talented in.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson smiles widely. Good. That meant he was available. He nods,"Have you considered trying out for one?" He motions to the track,"You could even try out for track. I'm sure you'd be great at it." He responds, glancing back down at him. He could see potential in this lazy boy. He was sure he'd be a good member of the team, if he put himself out there.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em nodded in response to his first question, his eyes darting towards the track field when Carson gestured at it. His eyes widened a bit, as if he were a little stunned at the suggestion. He honestly hadn't been expecting to receive an offer for any club, let alone one as physical as track. He stared at the track field warily, not making it hard to see he was slightly intimidated by it, but also seemed to be considering the offer heavily.
"You really think so?" He asked, smiling somewhat nervously.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson nods, smiling lightly,"I see potential in you. I believe you'd make a great team member for Track. And if you worry you aren't fast enough, you can practice and become faster. I think having you with us would do the team some good." He responds truthfully, looking at the track,"It may look big, but it helps to know the team winning isn't all put on you. You have team members to help back you up."

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em wasn't quite sure what "potential" Carson was seeing, considering Em had shown him nothing of stamina or the sort, but he figured he had other telltale signs to look for and judge by. As he listened to Carson, it sounded like he was throwing in discreet compliments here and there, so Em was smiling rather shyly by the time he'd finished. "Oh, uh, thanks. I guess.. I could try out," he answered hopefully.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson smiles lightly, chuckling. It was kind of cute when this boy got bashful. He nods lightly."If it'd make you feel better, you could try out for me only. That way, you won't have other's eyes on you while you run." He responds calmly but happily.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments 'That would be ideal, thanks," Em answered, placing his palms together as a gesture of thanks. He then stood up, looking out towards the field. His nerves were starting to kick in, but Carson had given him enough motivation so that he could push them away and try out anyways. "So I just run there?" He asked, pointing to the field inquiringly and raising a brow at the simplicity of the try out. He'd always imagined sports to be considerably difficult, but the task at hand seemed fairly simple.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson nods, smiling,"From the first pole to the second. That's the mile marker. That's how much each member has to run. Sometimes, it's racing other team members. Other times, we have to use team work to run this entire track." He explains,"During that, one will receive an item to hold. They must run to the first mile marker, where their other team member is, and hand it to them. They then have to run and hand it to the next team member, and so forth, until the entire track is completed. First one to the finish line would win."

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em nodded in understanding when Carson explain what his try out consisted of. He could do that, it was easy enough. He wasn't confident he'd be a fast runner, but Carson had said there was some potential to him, so he would hope it was true. As Carson went on to explain track team activities, Em admittedly felt a little worried about it, for it meant that if he were to mess up during his run, he would slow down the player waiting for him, and thus slow down the whole team. That thought put some stress on him. But for now, he tried to focus on the run. He glanced at Carson to imply that he was ready, and when Carson seemed ready as well, positioned himself at the first pole before breaking into a run. He dashed across the field as swiftly as his legs could carry him between quick breaths and soon, reached the second pole, coming to a halt and panting to catch his breath. He was happy he hadn't tripped at any point in time.
He hastily looked back to see what Carson's reaction was.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson smiled reassuringly at him, watching him. He waited patiently for him to start, and once he did, he checked his watch before his eyes had looked back up at Em. Once Em had finished, Carson smiles and stands up,"Not bad. And you didn't trip once." He softly teases as he approaches him. "You ran that mile in 15 seconds. There are others faster, sure, but I think, with practice, you can become faster." He smiles,"And, by the school rules, you managed to just get the amount of time you needed to be placed on my track team. If you're willing, that is." He responds, eyeing him hopefully, softly biting his bottom lip.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em listened closely to what Carson had to say, and before Carson had even finished speaking, started smiling widely. Grinning, even. He knew, of course, 15 seconds for the size of their track wasn't anything impressive but he was happy to know he at least had what it took to make it into the track team. That he had at least had potential as Carson had mentioned.
He beamed at Carson when he'd paused to await his reply. "I'm willing," he confirmed eagerly, then continued on to add -to appear more respectful- , "Please allow me to be part of the team."

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson had blinked in shock at the boy's smile, though his gaze soon softens. He lightly smiles, nodding,"We'd be pleased to have you with us, er.." He paused, chuckling lightly,"Actually, I'm afraid I never got your name." He eyes him lightly,"I'm Carson. Carson Carter."

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em smiled wider when Carson confirmed his acceptance into the team.
"I'm Emerson. You can just call me Em though, if you'd like. Everyone else does. It's nice to meet you, uh," Em hesitated, considering how best to address him, since he was a teacher at Addermire and his coach. "Coach Carter?" He tried, looking at Carson apprehensively to catch his reception of it.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson softly chuckles, nodding lightly,"That works. It's a pleasure to have you along for the ride, Emerson." He responds, grabbing a water bottle out of his pack and tosses it towards Em.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em fumbles but luckily manages to catch the bottle, holding it tightly. "Thanks..," he conveys, smiling slightly at Carson. He unscrews the bottle cap and gratefully takes a sip, keeping it with him once done. He looks back at Carson now, his gaze curious. "Do you always stay here this late?" He questioned.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson blinks, smiling,"Sometimes. Though, I've been staying out longer than usual. About.. Night fall, that's when I've been heading back to my apartment." He lightly shrugs,"It's interesting here. Peaceful. Not too crowded, either. It's nice to just sit here and watch the few that do walk by, or lay here and listen to the sound of the birds turn into the quiet chirping of crickets. It's.. Soothing to the ears, compared to the loud screaming and shouting from the children in the building." He lightly shrugs.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em tilted his head to the side, nodding as he took in his words. "What about classes and all that? Don't you have to be up early for them? Plus it's dangerous to be out alone at night," he fussed a little, not meaning to sound as such, only to express some concern. It was school grounds that Carson was on so perhaps he didn't need to and was worrying over nothing. It wouldn't be the first time.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson chuckles,"I'm only the track coach. It takes up my entire life. I don't have time to teach other classes." He explains before continuing,"Track usually only meets every Friday and Saturday. Games, when they start, are usually on Sundays." He shrugs,"Besides, I still get my sleep. Sometimes I sleep out here. Or I just go in at midnight." He then chuckles,"Besides, who would mess with me? Or anyone at this school. Everyone here is pretty powerful. I do not think anyone would be dumb enough to try their luck and see if that person is stronger than them or not."

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em seemed persuaded enough that he could stay out late since it was only one class he was teaching, but not so much when it came to the topic of sleep. "But if you sleep out here, anyone and anything can easily get to you, you'll have your guard down. What if you get attacked or something while you're asleep?" He repined, his expression fixed into one of incredulous concern.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson tilts his head,"..Then I suppose I'd die, wouldn't I?" He asks, his eyes filled with curiosity. Why is it that this kid, a stranger, was worried about Carson being somewhere dangerous? It did not matter. Carson was an adult. They barely knew each other. So what if Carson got injured or murdered? The school would just replace him within a week. No harm done.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em stared at Carson in shock for a few, silent moments, his mouth hanging open in awe. Eventually he forced the amazement from his expression and stared at Carson with something akin to exasperation and defeat. "How can you be so lacklustre about your safety? Doesn't the thought scare or worry you?" He questioned, his voice rising slightly to resemble a whine. Surely he couldn't be the only one concerned about Carson's safety here. At least, he liked to think he wasn't.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson softly chuckles,"My boy, it would take quite a powerful beast to defeat me, I am no weak person. I have been through more than any man or creature can put me through. And, if I were to die, there'd be no stopping it. It'll mean my time has come. However.. I would not go down so easily. So, rest assured, I do not think anyone, or anything, will trifle with me any time soon." He replies with a large smile.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em seemed persuaded, for he no longer held a look for concern on his face (in fact, he appeared amazed by Carson's stength), however, Carson's slight hints about his past had perked Em's curiosity. He wanted to ask what he could have possibly gone through that was "more than any man or creature could be put through", but figured neither were close enough to each other to be questioning each other's history. Or Em felt that way at the very least.
He smiled at Carson. "That's pretty impressive," he admitted. "If you don't mind me asking, what are you?"

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson softly chuckles,"An odd question." Though, it was to be expected. Carson was used to people who could sense what he was. It was nice to be around someone who didn't have that ability. He hadn't had anyone ask him this question in quite some time. He had to think for a moment. It was not that he had forgotten. Even if he hadn't answered this question in awhile, he could never forget what species he was. He used his abilities of speed on a daily basis. He had to think if he could tell Em. He didn't know him well enough, but.. Carson felt he could trust the young lad.

After a moment of silence, Carson answers with the same cheerful smile that has yet to disappear,"Wendigo." Yes. A Wendigo. They were not only known for their speed, but for their craving of human flesh as well. But, Carson had something that helped him control these cravings. He did not need to be feared. For the time being, that is.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em could only give a sheepish grin when Carson commented on the oddness of the question. He had been blunt, he would profess, but he was quite curious to learn an answer. He wasn't familiar with an awful lot of species, but the few he did know had always been a fascinating topic in his opinion.
Em waited patiently while Carson seemed to be thinking up an answer. He wouldn't be surprised if he didn't receive one, he was being a bit nosy, after all, but he felt he would get one from Carson. He was clearly considering it, after all.

When Carson eventually replied, Em nodded in apparent understanding. "I don't have the slightest idea what that is, but sounds cool," he confessed brightly, a smile on his lips.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson blinks lightly in shock. ..Was it wrong that Carson didn't wish to explain it to Em? This was his chance to start new with someone. Be around someone who didn't look at him with fear in there eyes, like they thought he was going to turn around and tear them limb from limb at any moment. Though, Carson felt obligated to tell him. He had to. He'd rather the boy find out from him, rather than anyone else. Carson nods, gathering his thoughts once more,"..Well.. A Wendigo is a man-eating monster or evil spirit, as some call us, that is native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of both the United States and Canada, usually. The Wendigo may appear as a monster with some characteristics of a human or as a spirit who has possessed a human being and made them become monstrous." He explains, slowly continuing,"They are usually associated with murder, insatiable greed, and are known well for their speed." He eyes him,"I have seen them take many forms. As for myself, I obviously take on the form of a human. Therefor, I am the evil spirit kind." He eyes him lightly,"..What kind of species are you, Em?" He questions suddenly.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em listened to Carson explain himself attentively, taking in every word with strong engagement. When Carson had paused, Em was quiet for a few times, considering everything again, as well as his thoughts on it. "I don't know you, but, you don''t seem evil or like a monster to me. You're pretty nice, to me, at least," he opined truthfully. "I can see why you're the track coach, if you're so well known for your speed."

When Carson probed at the subject of Em's species, Em hesitated, tension building up in him. It wasn't that he didn't trust Carson; actually, he felt he could trust Carson with just about anything, considering how easily the coach had trusted him and openly accepted him into his team. However, he was very insecure about what he was. In his opinion, he wasn't supposed to be here. He was supposed to have disappeared months ago. Yet, here he was, in flesh and bone.
"I'm.. a kind of ghost, I guess you could say," he began nervously. "A strigoi is the more sophisticated name for it. They're.. spirits of the dead that have come back to life, as far as I've heard.." he trailed off, looking away, evidently far too uneasy to say anything more.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson had blinked in shock down at Em. This boy indeed didn't know him. Well, not his monstrous side, anyways. He was glad about that. And, he was glad that Em didn't think of him as such.

He had tilted his head at Em's hesitation. Perhaps he shouldn't of asked. To be honest, he didn't really expect Em to answer him. At least, not yet. He thought Em would of told him he'd have to wait to get to know him better. Though, the fact that he didn't, it.. Pleased him. It showed that, so far, the kid trusted him. He listened calmly before chuckling softly,"I guess, in some way, we're both spirits then. Should be long gone, but we're on this earth because someone, or something, is keeping us here."

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em offered a small smile at Carson's response, both relieved and grateful for his lack of shock or distaste, as he'd been worrying he would have. It wasn't everyday one came across an undead, yet Carson's voice was completely nonjudgmental and for that, Em was appreciative.
"That's true, without a doubt," he agreed, some interest sparking in him after Carson's remark. "What's keeping you here, Coach Carson?" He asked on spur of the moment. An intrusive question, he knew, but he wouldn't force Carson to answer.

Spadez (or Kadyn) | 317 comments Carson eyes him,"..I'm not entirely sure. Perhaps because someone wants me here. Or the God's do." He lightly smiles, eyeing him,"When I find out, I'll be sure to let you know." He lightly tilts his head,"Do you know why you're here?"

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Sakurasou | 79 comments Em shakes his head regretfully. "Unfortunately, not for sure. I've heard strigois are a result of troubled souls. Maybe that's why; I worry a lot," he admitted aloud, though stopped there for good measure. The past wasn't exactly something pleasant to bring up. He didn't want to ruin the mood with such a story. Some things were best left untold was his main thought process.

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