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Title: Time Will Tale
Author: S.C. Barrett
Genre: Adventure/Sci-Fi
Pages Count: 512
Formats Available: PDF
Review Due Date: August 28

Book Description: Dr. Nathan Hawke, once a respected Quantum Physicist, now finds himself disgraced and shunned from the scientific and academic community. Relegated to teaching a high school physics class by day and binge watching 80s t.v shows with his cat at night. Approached by a mysterious benefactor offering to fund his research into a theory connecting ghosts to time travel, he puts aside his suspicions as to their motives and accepts the offer. When the first test doesn't go as planned he finds himself trapped on a small, Georgia farm in 1862 where he eventually finds love and the life he has always wanted. Only, staying out of history's way proves far more difficult than he imagined and he is forced to pick between saving history or his new life. Time Will Tale is filled with adventure, romance, mystery, intrigue and action and is the first in an epic new series.

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