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Reviews by Reviewer > NEFARIOUS Need reviews for a sassy little book on sailing.

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message 1: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Hopson | 4 comments I have a quick favor to ask you…
As you already know, Amazon and Goodreads uses reviews to rank books AND many readers evaluate the quality of a title based solely on this feedback from others.
To put it simply:
Reviews are very important to an author like me! If you have not read it, please contact me for a promotional copy. If you’ve enjoyed Nefarious, or even if you’re still working through it, could you take a minute or two to leave a review? Even a sentence or two about what you like really helps!
Here’s a link of where you can leave a review:
Nefarious link here:
I really appreciate you taking the time to check out the book and I look forward to seeing any feedback you may have in the review section.

message 2: by Sebanti (new)

Sebanti | 39 comments If you sent me a copy I'll be sure to post a good review both to goodreads and my personal blog.
Thus is my email.

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