Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orïsha, #1) Children of Blood and Bone question

This is becoming a movie! Thoughts?
Noor Noor (last edited Aug 05, 2018 09:58AM ) Aug 05, 2018 09:57AM
I really hope they make the movie properly, and take their time/do all the characters justice because this is literally such an amazing book!

I'm a little worried. Hollywood doesn't seem to take young adult literature seriously. Something like this book needs a solid budget and a team of people who care about the source material. That doesn't happen often for YA adaptations.

RL (last edited Aug 08, 2018 05:44PM ) Aug 08, 2018 05:43PM   1 vote
Same! I hope that they make the movie properly. If they don't, it will be ruined. But, I think if they have the right budget and right characters the movie will be bomb. I think that they know they have a lot on their shoulders with this one. If they get the budget of the Hunger Games, as well as the right characters, the movie should be fine!

I am actually excited for it but I just hope and pray they do justice to the characters , either way I believe it will be epic!!

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