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Conan and the Emerald Lotus
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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Ok, I just geeked out at the 51st Gencon, volunteering at the Writer's Symposium.

Howard Andrew Jones is a regular there, so I could revert to a kid and have him sign my Tales from the Magician's Skull #1 (and my Legion of the Skull membership card).

Anyway, in addition to furthering Tales of the Magician's Skull... he is taking on the role of Executive Editor with Cabinet Entertainment's new Perilous Worlds:


What's up in the line up... but another Conan book from John C. Hocking, who wrote Conan and the Emerald Lotus. I believe this next book will be called "Conan and the Living Plague", which may have been written for Tor but never published---I need to confirm that).

Conan and the Emerald Lotus by John C. Hocking

Richard | 714 comments OOH unpublished pastiche

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Im thinking a John C Hocking groupread is brewing

Richard | 714 comments I am completely unfamiliar with him aside from this one Conan title.

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Me too. I thought we could have a Conan and the Emerald Lotus and Conan and the Living Plague as one topic (whenever it sees publication).

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S.wagenaar | 388 comments I think Emerald is his only published novel, but he has a bunch on short stories published in various venues. Living Plague was completed as a Tor Conan book, but the publishers at the time went with the Turtledove novel (and we all know how that worked out!). I can't wait to read Plague; I have read some excerpts, and it is great fun. He has a few stories featuring his hero, Brand the Viking. These were found in the old Flashing Swords webzine that Howard Andrew Jones managed back in the day, as well as some work at Black Gate, I think.

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S.E. Lindberg (selindberg) | 2273 comments Mod
Hockings short stories are in the new Tales From The Magicians Skull

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