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Hajime’s fist tightened into a ball, causing his short nails to dig into his palm, leaving half moon indents. The shadows began to slowly come under his control, and he extended his arm in the direction of a man who was running away. The shadows shot out towards the man and grabbed him by the collar, instantly flinging him back towards Hajime. “Trying to run away, eh?” He asked, his voice dripping with venom. The man begged for him to stop, but Hajime wouldn’t listen. He moved his fist up and unclenched it, only to tighten it back up across from the man’s neck, causing the shadows to choke him. “Tell. Me. Where. She. Is!” Hajime barked through gritted teeth. His face was inches away from the mans, glaring at him. Of course, the man was too busy being choked to respond. “Tell me!” He barked, using the shadows to lift the man up into the air. Hajime began to feel light headed, but he shook away the feeling. He was glad that he was in an alley way, although anyone waking past the entrance could see what he was doing.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Arata was in fact walking past the alley way to get home. He had finished his shift and wanted to get home and relax, but his plans were ruined when he saw the two of them in the alley. For a moment, he stood still in fear, but then remembered his ability. What was there to be afraid of? Many things. After striking up the courage, Arata stepped forward. "Enough!" He shouted, and walked towards them. He was cautious, and kept his distance still. He was merely an onlooker, he didn't know what the full situation was, either. "Can't..Can't you two talk whatever happened out?" He asked, shakily once he made eye contact with the male who had been using shadow magic. Arata thought he was cute, but couldn't help but wonder. Where are his eyebrows?

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((Well, they’re not on his face -sushi))

Upon hearing someone speak, Hajime turned around. Whoever had interrupted him was surely going to get it. Hajime’s shadow’s released its grip on the man, causing him to fall to the ground. “Do you mind?!” snapped Hajime, to the boy. The man quickly got up, tripping over himself as he tried to run away. “God damnit!” Hajime growled. “Now look what you’ve done!” Hajime was beyond angry. All this work done to track done a lead, gone. Hajime balled his hands into fists, causing his nails to dig into his palms. He wasn’t just enraged, he was livid. The shadows of the alley seemed to flicker dangerously, curling like flames towards Hajime. The shadows shot in the direction behind Hajime, hoping they would still be able to track the man down if he hadn’t gotten too far.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Arata took a step back when the stranger snapped at him, but he didn't leave. "Why were you attacking him?" He asked, furrowing his eyebrows. "I don't know if you missed out on learning what common decency was when you were a child, but you don't just go hurting people!" He ranted and then frowned. "Well- I don't know why you did it, but there are other methods." Arata said. He watched the shadows carefully. The atmosphere was tense, and Arata wished he had worked later. If he had, he wouldn't have been in this situation. After taking a deep breath, he looked at Hajime, awaiting his response.

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Hajime tried to restrain himself as much as possible. He couldn’t attack an innocent civilian, even if the temptation was eating away at him. Plus, he was cute, but Hajime would die before he’d ever admit something like that. “Do you understand what you’ve done?” Hajime tried to ask calmly. “That man. I’ve been tracking him for months. Months! And I finally found him, and you. You messed it all up! I should just kill you right now.” Hajime was able to restrain himself for now, although the anger bubbling up inside of him could become too much. He let out a frustrated sigh, and tried to gather all of his energy to send towards the shadows that were still searching for the man.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Arata was visibly scared. His knees were practically shaking, but he held his ground. "Who exactly are you?" He asked. Tracking? Just what type of work did the man in front of him do? If he was a bounty hunter of sorts, Arata would feel bad. But the man who ran off seemed rather innocent. "I'm sorry? You're the one attacking people in broad daylight!" He replied. He brought his hands up to nervously fiddle with the finger-less gloves he wore. Arata spared a few nervous glances before sighing. I don't know why I bother. He thought.

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Hajime raised an eyebrow- or what was left of one. The boy was visibly afraid, which amused Hajime. The shadows returned to Hajime, which caused him to frown. "You don't need to know that. But for future reference, don't ever mess with the White Fang." he replied, trying to keep his cool. Hajime ran a hand through his hair and let out another frustrated sigh as he tried to decide what his next move would be.

((uwu what do you want to happen?))

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((hm,, what if....the guy hajime was talking to finds arata and thanks him? and then arata finds out the whole story and is like 'haha,, woAH'

i have no idea))

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((oke!! lmao what should the whole story be? i have no idea s ))

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((i thought hajime was using the guy as a lead to find his sister but skskks i guess i was wrong oof

maybe someone in the white fang was murdered and he was looking to get revenge?

i really suck at ideas))

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((Lmao that was my original idea! maybe hes trying to find his sister but hes saying its important business for the white fang when really he just wants to fin d h e r))

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((yeah!))

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muuumew | 1619 comments Annoyed Arata turned away. A White Fang member, I should've known. He thought, taking one last glance at the eyebrow less boy. He didn't know what caused him to say this. Maybe it was because he was frustrated with the other's attitude, or, he simply found it funny. "I think you should file a missing persons report to the authorities. Whoever has your eyebrows is a fiend that needs to be caught." Arata said, and turned around to grin to himself. It wasn't even that mean, but in his mind it was hilarious. Despite this comment, Arata still found the boy a bit cute- even if he didn't have eyebrows.

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Hajime's jaw dropped. How DARE someone speak to him that way, although it didn't offend Hajime as much as it would if someone else had said that. Hajime raised a hand up to his eyebrows. "How dare you speak to me that way. You- You.." he began, before Hajime's anger got the best of himself. The shadows began swarming around Hajime's feet, before shooting themselves at Arata. Suddenly, they stopped halfway. Hajime could feel the blood rising in his throat. His hand reached up to cover his mouth, before a fit of coughing began.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Arata quickly stepped into action, creating a force field around himself. He prepared to endure multiple attacks, before dropping the force field immediately. Despite the fact that Hajime had tried to attack him, Arata took a few cautious steps towards him. He saw a few blood splatters, and widened his eyes. Being in shock seemed to be a natural occurrence for Arata today. "Don't push yourself too hard pal..?" He said, and it came out as a confused statement. Why was Arata saying this? Should he just run? Probably. He turned on his heel, and after sparing one last glance towards the sick looking boy, he dashed.

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Hajime braces himself against a wall. He wiped the blood from his mouth with his hand, and cringed slightly. His head was pounding, it felt like bugs were swarming around in his head trying to break free. Hajime shook away the feeling and tried to run after Arata. Unfortunately, his abilities were mainly drained, so he couldn’t control Arata’s shadow. Hajime sighed in frustration as he ran after the boy. Once he began to catch up, Hajime had to stop due to another coughing fit. This time, it was worse than the other one. Hajime felt like he was going to cough his lungs out. His throat burned like he had swallowed fire.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Arata didn't stop running until he bumped into someone, and fell backwards. A strong arm grabbed his wrist before he did so, and he stood up. He immediately recognized the man. "Shouldn't you be hiding? It's dangerous, that psycho started chasing me!" Arata exclaimed, and groaned. The guy didn't seem fazed as he spoke. "I'm fine. Why did you even help me?" He asked, and Arata shrugged. He didn't have a reason, it was mainly a heat of the moment situation. "It doesn't matter. Why was he after you anyways?" Arata asked, looking around, slightly paranoid.

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Hajime wiped his mouth again. He really should see a doctor. Hajime pushed himself off of the wall and steadied himself, so he wouldn’t fall over. He took a few deep breaths, before sprinting after Arata. “Where did that bastard go?!” He muttered to himself as he ran through the alley ways. He had gone in the same direction that the other man had gone in. The man was another member of the rebellion, that he presumed was close to his sister. Hajime needed to find her. He needed to convince her to come back.

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muuumew | 1619 comments "I don't really know. Something about his sister I guess." The man said nonchalantly with a shrug. Arata curiously waited for any other explanation. "She's a member of the rebellion. I guess he thought I was the right person to find her." He said with a sigh. Arata remained silent for a minute or two before speaking up. "Well, why didn't you give him any information? Even if he's in the White Fang, he deserves to know where his sister is." Arata said, crossing his arms.

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Hajime was able to gather up enough strength to use his abilities once more. He would wait a few more minutes though. Hajime turned the corner, and saw Arata and the other man. “Well well well.” He said. “What do we have here?” Hajime questioned, his voice dripping with venom. Hajime was trying to act tough, but he really just wanted to lie on the ground and sleep for a few months. Hajime’s shadow began to flicker. He extended his arm towards the man and curled his hand into a fist, which caused the man to gravitate towards Hajime. “I’m going to ask you one more time. Where. Is. She?!”

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muuumew | 1619 comments Arata wasn't as afraid of Hajime, now that he knew his motives. The man on the other hand was freaking out. "Kid! Help me!!" The man yelled, flailing around pathetically. Arata kept his arms crossed, and shook his head. "Just give him the information he wants." He said, with a sigh. "I'm sorry for assuming things." He muttered to Hajime. He didn't hold any eye contact with him, instead choosing to look at a building behind him. He was slightly frustrated with how he misunderstood the whole situation, and sighed again. Arata seemed to do everything wrong. For once, he'd try to make things right.

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Hajime scoffed at Arata’s apology. He turned away from the boy, towards the pathetic man. “You have five seconds to tell me where she is, or I slit your throat.” Hajime began. He didn’t have a knife, but there was no way to tell if he was bluffing. He had to find out where his sister was, Hajime desperately wanted to convince her to come back, so maybe if she found out everything that Hajime did to find her; she would want to come back.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Arata sighed. His apology wasn't enough apparently, but in the end, Hajime still got to interrogate the terrified male. "I-I told you! I don't know where she is!" He shouted pathetically. He was desperate, even sparing a few glances towards Arata who was still awkwardly standing there. His strange lilac and golden eyes watched with curiosity. Despite not being a part of the situation, he himself wanted to know the girl's whereabouts. It was like watching a really bad soap opera, and the thought made him internally laugh.

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"Go to hell." Naoki spat, before dropping the terrified male. "I'll just go to your headquarters and find out myself." He retorted. Hajime took a moment to lean against the alley wall. He wiped his chin, hoping there wasn't any dried blood still there. He took a few deep breaths, before regaining a little bit of strength. Hajime pushed himself off of the wall and turned to the strange boy. "You. What are you still doing here?" he asked dryly.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Arata nervously looked at the other male, and awkwardly smiled. "Well..You seem like you're in pretty bad shape. Especially if you're planning on going to their headquarters. Are you alright?" He asked, a worried tone lacing his voice. Arata was neutral about the White Fang and the rebellion, and while he disagreed with some things both sides did, he didn't have hatred to the stranger. Even though Arata had already apologized, he felt the need to do so once more. "Again, I'm sorry." Arata added, fiddling with his hands nervously.

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Hajime raised an eyebrow at the boy's awkward smile. He chuckled dryly. "I'm fine." he lied. In truth, Hajime was probably going to die if he didn't seek medical attention. "Why do you keep apologizing?" Hajime asked, putting his hands on his hips. "You have literally nothing to apologize for. It's very annoying!" The boy was being nice to him. Hajime wasn't used to people being nice to him, so he didn't quite know how to respond.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Arata's eyes widened in surprise. He certainly wasn't expecting a question like that. "Uh- I..I'm sorr-" Arata cut himself off with a groan. Arata was used to apologizing for things. Even things that barely involved him. While it was quite annoying for other people, he himself thought it was necessary. Arata didn't even realize that he made a habit out of it. "Are you sure you're alright though?" He asked, changing the subject.

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Hajime shot the boy another glare. “I’m fine. Just dying, but it’s fine.” He replied calmly. Hajime held his sleeve over his mouth as he began coughing again. His throat felt like sandpaper. Hajime wiped his mouth and looked back to the strange boy. “What were you even doing in the alley?” He asked. Hajime picked that specific alley, because hardly anyone ever went through there. He ran a hand through his hair, frowning at the white tips.

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muuumew | 1619 comments Arata didn't know how to respond to that. He hoped that the other male was joking, but he clearly wasn't. "Do you wanna go get some tea or something?" He asked, and felt his ears heat up slightly. "For your throat, of course." Arata frowned a bit at his last question. "The place where I work is near there. I thought it'd be a shortcut, but then I ran into you." He said, looking around. "Oh! My name is Arata." He added quickly, and held out his hand. The boy in front of him didn't seem as bad as he looked.

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"Uh....sure?" Hajime replied, unsure how to respond. "Arata?" Hajime began. "That's an odd name." he muttered under his breath. "I'm Hajime." Hajime's throat was feeling a little bit better, although it was still very scratchy and raw from his wheezing coughing fits.

(oof im sorry)

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Arata pursed his lips, pouting. He had heard what Hajime said, and he wasn't going to let it go. "It's not odd!" He retorted. "At least I have nice looking eyebrows." He mumbled, crossing his arms. A playful smile tugged at his lips, before he shot the other boy a concerned look. "Hajime.." Arata said, liking how the name rolled off of his tongue. Snapping out of those thoughts, he took a step closer to Hajime. "Is there anything I can do for you..?" He asked, a bit awkwardly.

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Hajime grimaced. "Why you-" he began, letting his anger get the best of him. Hajime was sensitive about his eyebrows. "It's not my fault I don't have any!" snapped Hajime, before rolling his eyes. Hajime felt his face grow warm when the other male said his name, but he instantly snapped out of his thoughts. "Not really, unless you'd be willing to accompany me."

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Arata laughed a little, but his pale skin flushed multiple shades of pink in an instant. "Well- Um, I don't mind accompanying you at all." He said, smiling. Arata ignored the blush on his face, and looked around. "Wow, the sun sure isn't very forgiving today." He commented, despite the cool breeze that was going through Edinburgh. With a cough, he moved closer to Hajime, nearly tripping on a rock.

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"Alright then." Hajime replied bluntly. He put a hand to his forehead, in attempt to shield his eyes from the sun. Hajime's gaze drifted up towards it, but he instantly looked back down. Hajime then looked back to Arata, who just about tripped on a rock. "Uh, you okay?" he asked, although he didn't really care.

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Arata scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "I'm alright! Sorry, I just lost my balance.." He replied and nervously laughed. "So, are you afraid of doctors?" Arata asked curiously.

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muuumew | 1619 comments ((ew,,it's short))

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((its fineee!!))

"Hmm, alright." Hajime replied flatly. He frowned for a moment, as they continued walking. The rebellion headquarters had to be there somewhere, but Hajime had no idea where. "Wha- What kind of a question is that?!" he asked, obviously surprised.

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Arata was oblivious as to why Hajime was so taken aback by his question. "Well, you're obviously sick, I mean- why else would you be coughing like that?" Arata began. "Most people would go and get it checked out, but you seem pretty stubborn about it. So, are you??" He asked, his strange eyes locking with Hajime's. He smiled, and spoke again. "I won't judge you about it. Being afraid is totally understandable."

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"I-I'm not afraid!" Hajime snapped. "I am sick, but I highly doubt the doctors could do anything for me in my current condition." Hajime retorted. Hajime averted his gaze, looking down at the ground instead of at Arata. His face was slightly tinged with pink, although it was very faint.

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The frown that crossed Arata's Jace was very visible. "S-So You're just going to give up on yourself?" He asked, stuttering. Arata was definitely a hypocrite. He constantly told people not to give up on themselves, to be positive, etc, yet he was the complete opposite. Often times, he'd even pity himself. It was sad, sure, but it was hard being your own emotional support. While he did have a few close friends, he despised the idea of being a burden to them.

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Hajime shrugged. "I guess." He replied bluntly. Hajime had no idea why he was telling all of this to Arata, but it didn't really matter. Hajime continued walking, occasionally glancing over at Arata. It was after a few minutes before he realized that he had no idea where he was going.

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Arata followed Hajime closely, eventually deciding to catch up. He smiled at Hajime. "Well, lets go see one. Maybe I can be there to help." He said with a shrug. He looked at Hajime's face, and raised an eyebrow. "Where are we going?" Arata asked, a curious glimmer in his eyes. He had a good guess of where they were headed, but Hajime seemed lost. He wasn't sure, though.

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Hajime shot a glare towards Arata. "Nah." Hajime hoped he was going the right way. "Uh..." He began, before stopping to examine his surroundings. "Do you by chance, know where the rebellion headquarters are?" Hajime questioned. Hajime mentally cursed his horrible sense of direction.

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Arata pouted again. "You're just going to let yourself go on like this? I don't approve." He said, and then skidded to a halt. He wasn't a very fast walker, but it seemed like Hajime was. Either that, or it was simply because of Hajime's long legs. "The rebellion headquarters..?" Arata asked, and then laughed. He pointed at the opposite direction. "It's that way."

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Hajime nodded. "Yep." he replied in a monotone voice. Hajime stopped, after noticing that Arata wasn't walking anymore. He raised an eyebrow- or, what was left of them anyways. "Oh- Uh-" he began, obviously embarrassed. Hajime turned in the direction Arata was pointing at. "Ugh.." he muttered.

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Arata didn't start walking again until a few minutes after he finished laughing. It was funny to him. This tough and angry looking boy seemed to be missing a bit of common sense. It was cute, though. "Let's go! Are you really gonna try and get her?" Arata asked curiously. It would be dangerous, but Arata wanted to help. For some reason, he was drawn to Hajime.

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Hajime began walking again, although this time, he had a scowl on his face. "Of course I'm going to try and get her." He retorted. Even though Hajime hated people, he wanted to be around Arata. Hajime would never admit it, but he was secretly glad that someone was going with him.

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Arata furrowed his eyebrows in thought, playing with one of the uneven locks of his hair. "Don't hate me any more than you already do, but- Are you sure she really wants this?" He asked. He knew nothing about their past and what not, but he couldn't remain quiet. "There must be a reason as to why she joined the rebellion, are you sure she'll want to leave?" Arata asked. He had no qualms against either groups, but he thought Hajime should respect whatever decision his sister made.

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"I don't care what she wants-" Hajime began, before forcing himself to stop. The truth is, Hajime had given up trying to get her to come back. He wanted- He needed to apologize to her before it was too late. Hajime exhaled loudly, and then let out another frustrated sigh.

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