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message 1: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (ratedcee) | 34 comments Mod
Happy August :)
This month's book discussion will be led by Naomie :)

Hopefully everyone has received their book by now and can join in on the opening discussion this week by our moderator.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

Can't wait to dive into the conversation!

message 2: by Naomie (new)

Naomie | 10 comments Hi everyone! Hope your weekend has been relaxing.

I want to kick off the conversation by saying that I probably laugh 2-3 times with each page I read. This is a very opinionated book and the author is, in my experience, speaking truth. I like the way she upfront about this being her book and she is going to talk about and say what she wants to talk. Earlier in the introduction she gives a quote by Toni Morrison, "If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

I believe Luvvie Ajayi did just that! Her rant about dinner scrooges was hilarious and she is right about her opinion on toddlers in the store - they act completely different when those innocent eyes see a toy they want.

Would anyone else agree on the book being hilariously funny?

What is the funniest and the most true opinion you heard so far?

Most funny: "Only God can judge me" "Well until He gives you His final judgement, here's some of mine." (pg. 9)

Most true: "Good friends are often our lifelines." (pg. 23)

message 3: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (ratedcee) | 34 comments Mod
Naomi --- Omg! I literally laughed out loud when I began reading this book in the nail salon and the lady that was next to me was looking like "Is she really laughing at a book?"... lol Yup sis!

The funniest and most true opinion for me is when she breaks down the different friendships and how we have been one or all at any point.

Another funny moment is the page right before Chapter 1 begins when she explains the person in the back row of the plane trying to get off the MINUTE in parks.... I absolutely HATE it lol Like, please plan you travel accommodations better next time haha

This book is just sooo bomb and I'm trying not to binge read this.. I love books like this!

Some of my favorite excerpts:

Page 13: 4th paragraph, "In fact....Thanks for understanding".

Page 35: 4th paragraph, "Call me simple... to be on the same team at all".

Page 40: 1st paragraph, "Centuries... who we are".

Page 48: Last paragraph and few sentences, "But I'm judging... Do better, everyone".

message 4: by Naomie (new)

Naomie | 10 comments Yes, absolutely. As I was reading through the friendships section, I think I have been the “on-the-surface friend”...the one you know, but then again you don’t know them. Opening up more and not building a wall is usually a problem that I have.

message 5: by Naomie (new)

Naomie | 10 comments Lol next time you’re reading in a public place and someone gives you “that look”, just turn to them and ask if they want to read with you. 😭😭

message 6: by Naomie (new)

Naomie | 10 comments Hi everyone? How is everybody liking this month's read? I'm still laughing with each page I read.

Right now I am on the chapter: Zamunda Is Not a Country. Neither is Africa (pg. 128-148). This chapter is of particular interest to me because I honestly believe that Africa, as a continent is not reviewed in the public at the level it should be. I will admit that some parts of the continent are shown positively, but mostly individuals perception as to the type of place Africa is has been skewed for awhile now. I've never been and I myself, do not have a direct lineage to any country in Africa. But I have known a lot of individuals who were from various countries, such as Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Egypt.

There's so much wealth and beauty lying all over Africa and this motherland should be celebrated more. I know of it's beauty through other people and stories that I hear from people that know the countries in Africa well.

I love what Ife-oluwa said on pg. 133.

"Africa has a PR problem, and Olivia Pope needs to fix it."

Has anyone else read this chapter and noticed any negativity in the media or seen any negativity towards Africa?

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