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Sakurasou | 79 comments Brainstorms

Annabeth Lee [Kim Jennie]
- Sun: Elf (Power level 8) + 22
- Choir coach, disciplinary branch member
- Really nice and sociable
- Wanted to be a psychologist but decided on teaching instead
- Has a lot of hobbies and stuff she loves doing
- Tends to juggle a lot of different things at once but has enough direction and sense to keep up
- Hanging out with her is pretty stamina-draining and exhausting
- Loves kids, animals, and seniors
- Adventurous

Valerie Dewi [Zahara Davis]
- Moon: Werewolf (Power level 6) + Saffron
- 5th year; 16
- Firm believer in justice, equality for all, and strong moral integrity
- Strongly opposes the defacto rebellion and makes it her goal to bring them down
- Protective, defensive, stubborn, "goody two shoes"
- Trying to form a group within the school made up of students and staff alike who share her goal that she wants to defend members of the school and fight opposition
- VERY nosy and goes out of her way to dig up any secrets she thinks will help her school
- Dedicated to everything she involves herself with and feels she belongs in her school
- Hates anyone who looks down on or discriminates against those under moon influence due to prejudice and will not hesitate to fight such people

Ginyeom Minhyuk [Song Weilong]
- Shade: Kitsune (Power level 3) + Void
- 6th year; 16
- Studies and practices medicine and surgery in hopes of becoming a doctor or surgeon to make up for his lack of supernatural ability
- The human embodiment of antisocial
- Loves reading and books; his dorm room is practically a mini library
- family disappointment
- used to believe he was a mundane until one day he realized he was actually a fox
- Has control over his abilities
- Can quote any piece of literature because he has no life and holes himself up in his room or class all day

August Rhys [Markel Williams]
- Sun: Djinn (Power level 7) + Brigmore
- 7th year; 18
- Defacto member, priest
- Like most defacto members, believes mundanes to be inferior to him
- Ruthless, vigorous and impatient
- Kind of a narcissist
- Set on his goal
- Actually sucks at hiding the fact that he's in defacto and if it weren't that he rarely talked to a lot of people, would've been found out a long time ago
- Not surprisingly, isn't very nice

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Sakurasou | 79 comments       
                                     7 ● Brigmore ● Kang Jinsoo ● 17 ● 7th Year

             Shade: Kitsune              FC: Kim Taehyung              Sciences & Athletics


             Outwardly, Jinsoo appears selfish, conceited, rude and spoiled. And to some              extent, these impressions are true. He has litte to no compassion for anyone              unfamiliar to him and even if he does happen to be familiar with someone,
             his consideration towards them will be highly limited. He acts as if he's
             sadistic and brutal normally, quick to resort to threats if needed, but in reality,              he would not be able to so much as harm someone if they were innocent from              his wrath. If they were deserving of his wrath however, due to whatever terrible              thing they might have done to him, he will have little in his head but making              them suffer, though he would likely not go as far as take their life. He likes to              act tough and invincible (though his physique does not support this image) and              has managed to become somewhat successful in his attempt, planting the              reputation that he's actually quite strong. While he likes to make positive              accusations involving himself, that is not usually the case with others. When it              comes to anyone else, Jinsoo is the epitome of judgmental. In a way, it is how he              protects himself from disadvantageous encounters, for cynicism does tend to              keep most out of his little circle of relationships.
             He's also known to be stubborn, rude, and incredibly non-submissive or              disobedient, even to teachers, coaches and people with obvious authority over              him. He is willing to cause whatever trouble and use almost anyone and              anything for his gains. As such, he's very cunning and charming, but his              manipulative nature prevents him from making any genuine or lasting bonds              with others, save for his family. He has a mocking personality with most of              those he manipulates, speaking informally with them as if they are close friends              and often using nicknames. When with such people, he's rather obviously              evident in his arrogance and playfulness in tendency to make fun of others. He's              also very petty; if someone upsets him, he is likely to repay them by upsetting              them far more than they ever did to him. Forgiveness isn't something he's big              on, but holding grudges is.
             Despite being flippant and sly in nature, Jinsoo is surprisingly diligent when it              comes to his studies. He maintains high grades in sciences, mathematics and              athletics, those being his strongest subjects.


             Jinsoo was born in Daegu, South Korea, to a family of great wealth and status at              the time. His father worked as a technological service provider, being the ceo of              the company, and his mother worked as an actress, model and author. Due to              the jobs that both his parents held, it was rare either of them managed to              squeeze much time for Jinsoo within their busy schedules. For nearly all his              childhood, Jinsoo would only catch glimpses of them coming in or out before              their respective shifts. He was raised by the house maidens and butlers instead,              who felt more like family to him than his actual family. However, servants of              the house also had their respective duties to take care of, and couldn't put in              much time for Jinsoo either. In order to find some form of companionship in his              generally lonely childhood, Jinsoo usually looked to other children or even              adults to befriend. It wasn't that difficult, for he found people tended to flock to              him on their own. However, as he grew up, it did not take long for him to              realize it was not him his "friends" were interested in, but his family's wealth              and reputation. Hence, Jinsoo learned to be wary and closed-off of people,              unwilling to trust anyone. When he reached his teens and enrolled into              Addermire, as was tradition among noble families, he isolated himself and              strayed away from other students, teachers and staff, interacting only with              people whom were absolutely necessary for his education. Initially, Jinsoo had              accepted school enrollment with the thought that he was doing it to make his              parents proud. However, as time passed in Addermire, his parents' schedules              slowly cleared up, and they were slowly able to make time for Jinsoo. It was a              little late for that, nevertheless, for Jinsoo had frankly lost all and any desire to              earn their time, praise, or compliments. He felt no attachment towards them              any longer, and when they did attempt to close the distance between them, it              made Jinsoo feel anger and irritation rather than pleasure. He often lashed out              at them and soon broke most contact with them.
             Now, he speaks with them when contacted, but does not go out of his way to              initiate conversations with them, nor keep up with the usual pleasantries              expected of children separated from their noble lineage.


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Sakurasou | 79 comments       
                             5 ● Saffron ● Emerson "Em" Harris ● 6th Year ● 17

            Moon: Strigoi                    FC: Troye Sivan                   Track Team Member


            Emerson is a quiet, shy, considerate and generally sweet individual. He lacks             much of a presence and therefore doesn't normally bother anyone. He hates the             idea of being the cause of someone's pain so he tends to always sugarcoat his             words, regardless of his true feelings on a matter. He also inclines towards             following the crowd rather than practicing his own freedom of choice, and             though he does retain his personal principles or morals, mentally, he isn't quite             strong enough to stick to them if something threatening came up. Emerson             naturally gravitates towards avoiding his problems rather than facing them,             hence why he can always be found napping somewhere without a care in the             world, and far from the judging eyes of others. He uses the sleep as a coping             method to ignore his insecurities and anxiety, and luckily, it has worked out for             him so far.
            Although Emerson is distant from others, in truth, he enjoys being in the             company of others. He often yearns to join school events, groups, or make             friends to hang out with in his free time, but usually ends up shying away from             the ideas due to his own worries regarding them. Due to this, however, he can             also grow attached to people who show him even the slightest kindness, for he             tends to get his hopes up rather fast. Em doesn't really stand out in anything;             his grades are average, his powers aren't anything special, he isn't a great track             member, and he doesn't talk to very many people. So when receiving any sort of             positive attention, he's known to let it get to his head, and if his hopes aren't             met, usually falls into a slump for a while. Despite all his flaws, Em is optimistic             and seeks out opportunities, and though he may not always fair well in his             attempts, he does truly try his best and work hard.


            Emerson was born into a dysfunctional family unit made up of a hopeless father             and silent mother. His mother raised him through his early years, but affection             was not part of her ways. She would feed him and his father and then lock             herself up in her bedroom for the remainder of the day. Em never found out             what it was that broke her so much.
            Since Emerson's mother frankly ignored her husband, Emerson often found             himself being the object of complaint. His father blamed him for her aloofness,             always reminding him how he and his mother were close before Em came into             the equation. Needless to say, Em didn't have a very happy starting childhood.
            However, as Em grew up and started entering his teens, his mother and father's             relationship suddenly began improving. They spent more time together and were             no longer closed off. They grew so close, in fact, that when Em turned 9, his             mother birthed a baby girl, whom she named Molly.
            Em loved Molly and became very fond of her early on in their relationship.             Where his mother lacked in affection for Molly, he filled in. Even when his             parents began arguing again, and their dynamic breaking down, Em             continued growing close with her, and defended her from his father's verbal             attacks.

            Eventually, communication between Em's mother and father completely             stopped. Their fights had gotten much worse, to the point where one night when             Em's father was asleep, she packed up her things and left the house. While it was             true Em's mother and father's relationship was far from healthy, it had been the             sole reason keeping Emerson's father together. When she was gone, he felt             entirely alone, for he had never cared for the kids. His fits became worse, his             attacks began turning physical, and his hatred for his children increased with             each passing moment. Ultimately, he came to the conclusion that his life would             be much less miserable without his children, for then at least he would only             need to worry about providing for himself, and not others. He plotted to remove             them entirely from his life and somewhere along the line, Em caught wind of his             plans. Fearing for his sister's life, he tried to convince her to run away. It was             not easy; Molly was hard set on staying home and believed her father deep down             loved them. However, at last, Em managed to convince her. He didn't plan their             sneaking out well at all though, for their father caught them before they were             out the door, the same day he planned on removing them anyways. Em never             made it out, but thankfully, Molly did. Even she could see what her father's             feelings on his children were when he showed no remorse ending his own son's             life.

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Sakurasou | 79 comments     Em's death was not a peaceful one; he'd been worrying about whether or not     Molly had made it out safely all of his final moments. So perhaps it was to be             expected that he came back to life again, as a strigoi. Em had never learned             anything about supernatural beings growing up, so to say he was frightened and             shocked to find himself alive was an understatement. Though he could not             understand his situation, it didn't matter as much to him as seeing how Molly             was doing without him. He returned home and searched the entire house,             including the soil of their backyard, but never found a corpse so assumed she             lived. He set out in search for her, and on one particular night of searching, ran             across another stirgoi, who pointed him out to Addermire. Em was grateful for a             place to be and took the chance, even being able to locate Molly thanks to the             institute's help. He hasn't spoken to her (despite having gone to see her) and             doesn't plan on ever speaking to her either. He figured she'd be freaked to see             him back. So he takes care of her on the sidelines, from Addermire. Though, it             seems he no longer needs to, seeing as she seems quite fine on her own.


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