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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate (kgskocelas) | 575 comments Mod
What did you think of Animosity, Vol. 1: The Wake? How does it compare to other sci-fi or dystopian comics you've read? How did the art and writing styles contribute to the world building? Did it work for you?

Reminder: This discussion thread is FULL SPOILERS for volume 1! If you have read farther in the series, please be careful not to share spoilers for anything that happens after volume 1.

Tune in to the IRCB Podcast on Wednesday, August 29th to hear our discussion of this book. If it's ok to read your comments on the show, please post them by August 25th and include "OK TO AIR" in your post!

message 2: by Christopher (new)

Christopher (Donut) | 98 comments Just tonight I was browsing a particular e-publisher's sale books, and I saw this: The Fittest (Prologue Science Fiction) by J.T. McIntosh

"What if animals gained human intelligence? And hated us?"

Anyway, I thought I'd mention it.

message 3: by Mike, Host & Producer of IRCB! (new)

Mike Rapin (mikerapin) | 617 comments Mod
Really excited to dive into this book again. I'm a few issues behind on the monthly book, but I'm guessing re-reading volume 1 will get me back into gear for reading the issues I have waiting for me!

message 4: by Chad (last edited Aug 14, 2018 11:23AM) (new)

Chad | 693 comments I'm excited to read this again myself. Just picked up Year One from the library yesterday. Here is my review from when I read Vol. 1 last year. I really like this series.

message 5: by Francis (new)

Francis | 124 comments Just finished reading volume 1 now, immediate impression is , it's amazing, but way too short, I need more!

message 6: by Chad (last edited Aug 20, 2018 04:55PM) (new)

Chad | 693 comments I loved this world. Sandor and Jesse's relationship is wonderful. Bennett really captures the love between a dog and their family.

The story is so visually striking, especially once Jesse and Sandor meet up with the Animilitary. Koala's walking around with huge pistols, turtles with rocket launchers on their backs. I found myself just staring in awe at the creativity of these panels.

Here are my actual reviews. I went and read all of Year One. I couldn't stop myself.
Animosity, Vol. 1: The Wake
Animosity Vol. 2
Animosity Year One

OK to Air

message 7: by Mike, Host & Producer of IRCB! (last edited Aug 20, 2018 03:35PM) (new)

Mike Rapin (mikerapin) | 617 comments Mod
Whoa! Nice Chad!

For everyone: If there's anything you want us to talk about on the show this month about this book, let us know in the comments here with an "OK TO AIR" tag!!

message 8: by Sara (new)

Sara Salazar (sarabarbosa) | 13 comments Just finished volume one for the first time.

I really like the overall setup story, but I feel a lack of explaining of what went on. The time elapses to fast and I feel a lack of character development. Nevertheless, it still got me interested in the next volumes, it seems to hint that they are going to get more deep into how it all came to the point of the story, so I'm looking for that.

Really liked the overall look of the animals.

message 9: by Chad (new)

Chad | 693 comments I hope they never explain how the animals became sentient. Anything Bennett comes up with is going to sound hokey. There's no physical way most animals could ever talk, especially insects and the like. Just leave it a mystery for the reader as well as the characters in the books.

message 10: by Mike, Host & Producer of IRCB! (new)

Mike Rapin (mikerapin) | 617 comments Mod
The episode is UP!

Let us know what you think of our dive into this volume!

message 11: by Francis (new)

Francis | 124 comments Great episode, I can't believe how devicive this book was! A brilliant example of how the comic book medium can take on challenging themes just as well as literature, film and any other art form.

message 12: by KaitLphere (new)

KaitLphere | 187 comments Mod
My hold on this came through today, just in time to still read this during August! I have been holding off on the episode, so I'm excited to listen to that.

I love this book. I particularly like the little moments between animals that are just kind of in the background. There's a panel with a market, and in the corner some geese are looking at a map and saying "Where DO we go?" The personalities given to the animals are so unique from one another even though most of them have limited lines.

The most interesting subplot so far is the "meat" tension. All animals are meat to all other animals, and the new found sentience has obviously complicated that. I'm curious how that's going to be treated going forward.

This isn't related to my review, but the book I got from the library was basically in mint condition, which is super rare with a library book. It was just really pleasant to read.

I'm looking forward to more!

message 13: by Sara (new)

Sara Salazar (sarabarbosa) | 13 comments Chad wrote: "I hope they never explain how the animals became sentient. Anything Bennett comes up with is going to sound hokey. There's no physical way most animals could ever talk, especially insects and the l..."

Yes, that they don't need to explain. But I would like the story to be slower, so you could understand how the mankind and animals got to "get along"

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