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Leena (leena23) | 1085 comments Mod
You may advertise your groups, websites, ect. here :)

the_rabid_snail | 17 comments Hey, I started a group set in a fantasy world about this magical race of people that live underground and follow this evil, matriarchal goddess who saved them from extinction thousands of years ago. But things are changing, perhaps for the worst, and a new era is being ushered in. Interested? Check it out here:
We'd love for more people to join!

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Delta Flight 364 left Sydney airport in February 2018 bound for the city of Los Angeles. There was no reason to suggest that this international flight would be anything out of the ordinary. Captained by an excellent pilot with years of experience behind him nobody could have predicted the events that would follow. The plane lost radio communication somewhere in the South Pacific long before it was able to reach its destination. It has not been seen nor heard from since, despite the efforts of countless military, communication and scientific experts joining the search.

Taking inspiration from Lost and Castaway this role-play is an opportunity for you to create survivors of Delta Flight 364. You'll awaken in the moments after the crash, disorientated and afraid on a deserted island that shouldn't exist. How will your character cope as they explore the wild jungles and ancient ruins? Only time will tell...welcome to the RP!

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Leena (leena23) | 1085 comments Mod
Check out this book club

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Amna Javeri (amnajaveri) | 1 comments Hey everyone. I'm searching for a reliable, experienced, and long term roleplay partner for a specific plot. Please PM me for more info. Thanks.

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maggie | 1 comments

if you only knew | advanced rp

You could say it was an odd twist of fate, the way these six individuals all fell into each other’s lives. Each of them a puzzle piece that never quite fit but somehow still managed to work. It was a friendship that brought out the best in them - and at times, the absolute worst - but it was one they each swore to protect no matter what.

But people get older, life gets harder, and everything that use to make perfect sense doesn’t quite fit into that little puzzle anymore. And frankly, you’re not even sure if it ever did in the first place.

Now with senior year on the horizon and the safety net of high school being all but ripped out from under them, it may be their last chance to finally face the truth about each other, their fractured friendship and more importantly, themselves.


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