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*Every month members can, as per their wish, sign up for the Buddy Reads. *After signing up, I'll put 3 to 4 random members in a team.
*One of the team members can make their team discussion thread in this Buddy Read folder or they can put in a request here and I'll set it up for them.
*In their respective discussion threads, they will then decide on a book to read together at the same time and discuss it there.

Thread name format: BR(#1) - Name; Start date ----> 1st Month name

N.B. - 1. Please be sure to show up after the BR groups are announced in the beginning of every month.
2. If you have a preferred team mate(s) in mind, mention their names when you sign up.
3. Please try to inform your team mates in case they fail to show up.
4. If you need a member replacement in case of a missing partner or for any other queries, comment here.
5. You can also post a request for BR team thread in case you cannot figure how to create your team thread.

All old BR threads will be archived: Here

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How to Create a New Thread

1. Find the folder you want your thread to be in


2. Then click "New Topic"


3. You'll get this page


4. Type the name of your thread and you can also choose which folder you want it to be in from here as well

5. Type something in the comment section, then click "Post"

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