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What is Read It & Reap?
Our Read It & Reap program is designed with authors in mind. Our goal is to help indie and self-published authors promote their books. If you are signing up to review Please Remember you have 3 weeks to read and review and post the links to your review on this page! For more information about RI&R and our Rules & Requirements click here:

Title: Shift
Author: M.A. George
Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi
Formats Available: Mobi, Epub, Pdf or link to insta freebie
Page # 548
Review Due Date: August 20, 2018

Book Description:

Seventeen-year-old Perry Teasdale is a dreamer.

She’s not the kind of dreamer who waltzes through fields of wildflowers, twirling her skirts in a starry-eyed daze; or the kind who aspires to be the biggest rock star the world has ever known (not that she’d complain, if that accidentally happened). She’s the kind of dreamer who can’t get a decent night’s rest, because her sleep is flooded with scenes from other worlds—ones that seem as real as life itself.

Mind-blowing dreams may sound like loads of fun, but when they start to bleed into Perry’s waking hours—confusing the line between dream and reality, and keeping her in a sleep-deprived fog no amount of caffeine can cure—Perry’s not exactly thrilled.

Try as she might to shake the dreams from her mind, they keep gaining speed, growing ever more vivid and intense…until that hazy boundary between real and imaginary fades away, and Perry is forced to consider the impossible: Her dreams seem real, because they are.

When disaster strikes, sending Perry’s newfound normalcy into a tailspin, she takes the only logical path left: a whirlwind tour of the multiverse, scouring an ever-growing assortment of alternate realities for the missing piece—the missing person—to put her life together again.

Along the way, Perry enlists the help of an ancient wise woman (who may be a tad homicidal); a nerdy-in-all-the-right-ways mathematician (who knows all of Perry’s secrets, even before introducing himself); and a sword (because you can never go wrong with a sword).

At times hilarious—at times heartbreaking—Shift is sure to be, well, one of those two things.

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1. Rosetta - - Pdf
2. Sara - - Pdf
3. Margaret - - mobi
4. Kit - - mobi
5. Renetta - - mobi

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Rosetta Overman (rosettamoverman) | 5 comments Rosetta Overman
PDF format

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Tana (tana_t) | 3466 comments Mod
sent Rosetta an email

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Sara Goldsmith | 3 comments pdf form please

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Tana (tana_t) | 3466 comments Mod
sent Sara an email

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Margaret Ball mobi format please

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Kit Campbell (kitcampbell) | 23 comments

mobi, please!

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Tana (tana_t) | 3466 comments Mod
sent Margaret and Kit an email

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Renetta | 54 comments mobi please!

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Tana (tana_t) | 3466 comments Mod
sent Renetta an email

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Kit Campbell (kitcampbell) | 23 comments Here's my review:

Thanks for letting me read!

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Sara Goldsmith | 3 comments This was a great book! Thank you for letting me read it. The only problem I had was writing a review on Amazon. It would not let me write a review without making a purchase.

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Tana (tana_t) | 3466 comments Mod
thank you both for sharing your review links.

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