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message 1: by NancyJ, Moderator (new)

NancyJ (nancyjjj) | 1835 comments Mod
I noticed that some of you are reading extra GAR books at a fast pace, presumably to catch up before the show starts (or ends).

Sometimes with library requests we get books at unpredictable times.

Do you want to post what you just read or are about to read, in case others want to join in? We can set up a space for Buddy read discussions. These would require the use of spoiler covers so we could discuss topics in-depth.

Let me know which books you read recently, and I can set up extra discussion topics.

I plan to read Americanah soon. (I have to return it in two weeks.) Is anyone interested in joining in on the discussion?

I also meant to set on up for Curious Incident since a few people read it recently.

message 2: by J., Your Obedient Servant (new)

J. (jammons42) | 510 comments Mod
You nailed it! I'm reading as my holds from the library become available and trying to space those around group reads.

I've recently read (July):
Invisible Man
Oscar Wao
Memoirs of a Geisha
Confederacy of Dunces
Where the red fern grows
White Teeth

Currently in my queue (checked-out):
And Then There Were None
A Separate Peace
The Color Purple
Another Country
The Intuitionist
Tales of the City

I'm willing to discuss anything that overlaps with someone else!

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