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message 1: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa (nesshawk) | 30 comments Ok here's one similar to an old post in this group... My 10-year-old son wants to start reading cozies. He is a very advanced reader. He has seen me get into cozies recently, and he has really enjoyed listening to some Hercule Poirot and Hamish MacBeth audio books with me. The caveat is, he wants a grown-up book... Not Boxcar Children, Hardy Boys or the like. Can anyone make any recommendations? Thanks so much for any help!

message 2: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (lynnali) | 524 comments The early Cat Who books are good and fun. I stopped the series about half way through, but the early ones are very good.

I can also recommend the Nero Wolfe series, though he may need a dictionary. Rex Stout has a incredible vocabulary.

Rita Mae Brown's Mrs. Murphy books are great fun. The scenes with the animals are the best in any books I've read.

I describe Michael Bond's Monsieur Pamplemousse series as slapstick in book form, and Pommes Frites is one of my all-time favorite characters.

message 3: by Sandie (new)

Sandie | 8291 comments Have you checked out and you the W. Brruce Cameron books i.e, A Dog's Purpose, a Dogs Journey, A Dog's Way Home, Emory's Gift, etc. Your son might like these.

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